So you want to be a field staff member?

Recently there have been some changes in who manages the ProStaff and FieldStaff. During this change, Mud Hole and MHX have been idle in communication with you as we try to set new goals and get everything lined up to move forward.

As for the change, I, Chris Adams will now be handling Social media as well as the Staff Program for Mud Hole and MHX. My email is and can be reached at any time if you have questions regarding information on blanks, rod building or if you have a question about a post on social media.

Angler Track


Speaking of social media, we will be keeping a closer eye along with working through AnglerTrack to better manage the team’s social media presence. Although we do not have guidelines on amount of post on social media you are required to do, this Field Staff program is heavily weighed on the social media presence each of you have. If you did not have a presence, you would not be part of the team and unfortunately if team members can not contribute they will be asked to leave the team.

To help with Social Media posts I will go through some examples to help everyone be on the same page on what we would like to see as well as hash tags to use.

Hero Shot




First, I am going to lead off with the easy one. The Hero shot. Holding up a big bass or multiple fish whether just you or you and your fishing partner here is an example and some suggestions on a caption.

We try to tell somewhat of a story that touches on who caught it, where (if you want) and what you caught it on (blank model). Throw in a quick one liner on why you chose that blank or something specific you like about it and you are good to go. People always love to get that extra info when they see a fish catch but there is no need to go on a sales pitch about it. Just a quick “I caught this fish on the SJ873-High Mod as I wanted a little extra length with this 7’3 for making long casts with the shaky head” You are not giving away secrets and just giving them something to think about next time they want to build.

Build Photo



Next, on the agenda are the build photos. Here are a couple options below showing some active building (always a great shot) or ones that are components going onto the build and then finally, a post build photo session.

Here is a great example of a building photo, of course it is great to have the MHX banner in the photo but also it shows our CRB products and how it sets up during a build. These photos are great to mention the blank and or specific components. When you are building please do mention the blank or a reason behind the blank etc… In this photo you could mention, “Headed to Lake BigUns to flip heavy grass this weekend and my new MHX FP-885 will be ready!” Remember, we are not going to fact check you. Some one you live up north and a have a few that shoot photos for back stock and then every now and then throw one out there. It is amazing the amount of photos you can stock up on during snow storms or tropical storms.

Completed Rod Builds



Here are a couple post build pictures showing some different ideas in either thread color, grip options or just a rod “recipe”. Keep in mind Mud Hole and MHX pull content from you for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a great photo, other times it goes with a promotion we are running that week or when one of you come up with a cool or different idea about a build. If you discovered that a certain red thread really pops with a specific grip set of trim bands, we share that with our customers so they learn or it sparks their creativity.

Lifestyle Photo


We also like “lifestyle” photos. Not everything has to be centered around a big fish or rod building. When you have a great photo of that pre-tournament preparation, on the road shots, general fishing or scenery shots, it tells stories. It gets anglers thinking about fishing. We do not want or need our Field Staff members to be a broken record of social media sales pitches. There are scenery photos where if you want to have a MHX hat on in the photo or be drinking out of an MHX Coozie, great, but not necessary. Those shots can just be creative or raw photos that might express your personality behind the lens. Now granted, we do expect you to act in a professional manner and represent your self and Mud Hole/MHX in a professional manner but that should not put a restraint on your creativity.

For other photo suggestions check out: Photo Advice

Creating Interaction

Plus, we feature your media to help create interaction between you, Mud Hole or MHX and other anglers and customers. When we post a photo with a unique handle idea you like, it gets the wheels turning for our other customers. Then it offers you a platform to say why you like it or how you came up with the idea. That dialog not only creates followers and customers for Mud Hole and MHX but it does the same for you as an angler and your brand (if that is a direction you want to go).


When posting on social media we do ask you use appropriate hashtags, not only for marketing purposes but tracking as well. We are not asking you to put all of these hashtags in your post but one or two that apply is a good guideline. You can always and are encouraged to tag using the @ symbol, either or both MHX Rods and Mud Hole Custom Tackle. It allows people to see it as well as directing them directly to our pages. In regards to #Hash Tags here is a quick list to choose from; mhx, mudhole, fishcustom, builtnotbought, rodbuilding, fishmhx, and diyfishingrods. Any and all of these are acceptable but as always keep it clean and professional.

Field Staff Referral

If you know someone who might be a good addition to the Field Staff program you can forward them this post or here is the link to the program so they can fill out an application.