Top 5 Versatile Rod Blanks

Minimizing boat clutter and maximizing your fishing efficiency, these are the top 5 rod blanks to get any job done. Learn more about each blank’s versatile performance on episode 2 of Mud Hole After Hours.

Ranking the Best All-Around Rod Blanks

More often than not, the angler who’s boat has 5 rods on the deck is feared more than the one dragging along 15-20 rods. Getting a better all-around performance with far less equipment cuts down the clutter on your boat without sacrificing what’s most important, catching fish.

Watch Mud Hole After Hours tackle the top 5 most versatile rod blanks:

1. The Mag Taper MB843-MHX

One of the best overall blanks, the Mag Taper MB843-MHX Rod Blank is a favorite of pro anglers and weekend warriors alike. MHX engineered the MB843 with a fast action tip and a medium-heavy power to throw a range of lures and catch tons of fish.

Whether throwing a spinnerbait, worming with a Texas rig, or walking a spook, the MB843 and its 7’0″ length are the perfect to get the job done.

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2. The Mag Taper MB904-MHX

A known Florida rod, the MB904-MHX Rod Blank is a great all-around rod for fishing heavy cover. In other words, anytime angler’s are looking for some added length and extra power, the 7’6″ MB904 is the best bet.

Sporting a fast action tip backed by heavy power in the mid and butt section, the MB904 is ideal for throwing a Big Ez, Carolina rigs, and swim jigs, or even pitchin’ a 1/2 ounce into grass.

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3. The Crankbait CB845-MHX

For throwing anything with treble hooks, look no further than the Crankbait CB845-MHX Rod Blank. Although the CB845 was designed for crankbait applications, its moderate-fast action and medium-heavy power perform great with any treble hook lures.

From topwaters and chatterbaits, to square bills and DT 10 crankbaits, the CB845-MHX blank has the perfect give in action at the tip to keep hooked up fish latched onto the treble hooks.

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4. The Spin Jig SJ842-MHX

The Spin Jig SJ842-MHX Rod Blank is the perfect blank to fish anywhere on the planet. Regardless of freshwater or salt, the 7’0″ SJ842-MHX blank’s fast action and medium-light power can truly do it all.

Versatile enough to throw shaky heads, single swimmers, drop shots, and even spinnerbaits or square bills, the SJ842-MHX is one of the greatest spinning rods in the game.

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5. The Flipping & Pitching FP885-MHX

The winning blank in the arsenal of Forrest Wood Cup champion John Cox, the Flipping and Pitching FP885-MHX Rod Blank brings superior performance to a variety of fishing applications. The FP885 blank works extremely well for targeted pitching, such as around docks or along a certain stretch of lily pads, but also for throwing heavier lures, like a whopper plopper and bull shad.

Incredible precision and unbeatable power, the FP885-MHX blank’s proven performance dominates when it comes catching big fish.

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Fish MHX Rod Blanks

These top 5 rod blanks for maximize performance potential and fishing efficiency while minimizing boat clutter, so catch your own MHX Rod Blanks here!