Top 5 Features of the CRB Pro Roller Stand

Check out the top 5 features of the CRB Pro Roller Stand and see how these strategic features pair perfectly with the RBS Pro Power Wrapper and Aluminum Base Track to benefit your builds!

The Best Roller Stand Supports in Rod Building

Find out how CRB Pro launched the most thoughtfully designed and meticulously developed roller stand on the market, and then learn why this roller stand brings the support to revolutionize your entire rod building workshop.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

1. First & Only Fully Threaded Rod Stand

As the first and only of its kind, the CRB Pro Roller Stand features a fully threaded rod stand that is fully adjustable to work flawlessly with any rod diameter, mandrel, or even gaff blank.

Standing at 8 inches tall and bringing 6.4 inches of adjustable height range means virtually infinite possibilities for rod building projects. This includes expertly power wrapping on diameters from large offshore beef sticks to super small ultralight blanks, and even turning and shaping custom grips on steel mandrels.

Each adjustable roller stand relies on locking collet nuts and rubber inserts in between to guarantee the positioning of each wheel is extremely secure. Super easy to adjust, these locking collet nuts rotate up and down just like reel seat hoods for quick changes in wheel position and cradle diameter.

Then when it’s time to get to work, you can crank up the RPMS on your RBS-Pro Power Wrapper knowing that you can trust the CRB Pro Roller Stand to support you!

2. Sealed Ball-Bearings + Custom Wheels

Now let’s take a look at the how these supports employ high-performance ball-bearings and ultra soft silicone rings for custom wheels that withstand the highest RPMs in rod building.

Each custom wheel’s ball-bearings eliminate friction for ultra smooth operation, while the silicone rings on all three wheels help gently, yet securely cradle your rod blanks without leaving any residual marks.

When you’re building on white rods, Color Series blanks and more, this is a huge plus!

Between these custom wheels and the fully adjustable threaded rod stand, you’re getting a roller stand engineered to flawlessly support the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper. In fact, if you’re shaping custom fishing grips from EVA or Cork, then pair the RBS-Pro with the Roller Stand for your own rod building lathe.

It’s that easy! 

3. Forged from 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Obviously working at these RPMs requires the engineering expertise to systematically withstand increasingly high revolutions, but it also demands a durable design for the longevity of your workshop.

Forged from 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum instead of plastic allows the CRB Pro Roller Stand to feel as impressive as it operates. The stand feels solid and very secure in place, which is a really nice benefit when you’ve got the RBS-Pro pedal pushed to the floor.

With the CRB Pro Roller Stand, you’ll have the confidence and support to really let your RBS-Pro get to work on custom grips, long thread wraps, and so much more!

4. User-Friend Quick Adjust Knobs

Designed with a T-bolt that snuggly fits into the opening of the Aluminum Base Track, the Roller Stand is made to work perfectly with the RBS-Pro within the RBS Rod Building System.

The CRB Pro Roller Stand utilizes a T-bolt and springs suspension system with large user-friendly knobs for quick adjustments. This means you can up and move the stands along your build as needed in an instant!

More importantly, the user-friendly knobs make it just as easy to tighten the stand back down to base track, so you can move each stand quickly and then firmly secure it back down just as fast.

5. Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Production Time

This one is a no-brainer…

With all the benefits above, you’re getting a higher quality product that helps you build and customize more, while reducing the time it takes to get it all done.


Get your CRB Pro Roller Stand to ramp up your production with the confidence and support of the durable rod building brand you know and trust!


Watch Product Showcase: CRB Pro Roller Stand

Smooth and precise where it matters most, the CRB Roller Stands establish the most thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted advanced power wrapper supports available to rod builders.

The CRB Roller Stands are precision machined from 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum as the first and only threaded rod stands to feature locking collet nuts for near infinite height adjustments. Measuring in at 8” tall, each stand has 6.4” of adjustable height range to accommodate any rod building project!

The next revolution from the CRB PRO line up, these premium Roller Stands are engineered exclusively for the RBS Track (Aluminum Base Station). Each stand includes custom silicon wheel rings with high-performance sealed ball bearings that securely spin and support rods flawlessly throughout the increased RPMs of turning handles and wrapping at high speeds.

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