The Top 4 MHX Series of Crossover Rods

Find out the best 4 series of rod blanks from MHX that build great crossover rods for multiple fishing applications!

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Let’s start with this, a rod blank is a rod blank.

In other words, there is no reason a rod blank designed with one fishing application in mind can’t be just as good for another similarly fishy scenario.

So although most MHX blanks are engineered for specific fishing applications, many of the MHX rod series can lend their performance to other similar applications just as well!

Learn which blanks make for great crossover fishing rods:

1. MHX Shooter Rod Blank Series

Originally designed for a trigger grip, the MHX Shooter Series continues to rely on shorter lengths and fast actions.

But now, these rods have become incredibly popular for any underhand casting and skipping techniques. Whether skipping around docks, mangroves, or looming tree limbs, this series is well-known for casting with pin-point accuracy.

The precision casting of the MHX Shooter Series is quite popular for these techniques, but many Walleye fisherman have grown to prefer these shorter rods for jigging applications.

How would you use the MHX Shooter Series?

2. MHX Popping Rod Blank Series

The MHX Popping Series was initially designed to perform brilliantly in inshore applications when using Popping Corks, Crankbaits and top water lures.

But the Popping Rod Blanks don’t stop there because many anglers have also proven that these blanks are great cross-over rods for Drop Shot, Jerk Bait, live bait, Rattle Traps, and even Shakey Heads.

If you want to build a versatile rod to take almost anywhere, consider one of these Popping blanks!

3. MHX S-Glass Rod Blank Series

The MHX S-Glass Series is traditionally known to be great in crankbait applications, but the soft tip flex of these models equally awesome with chatterbaits, top water, and live bait applications.

For that matter, these blanks even make great trolling rods.

Grab your MHX S-Glass blank and see what you can catch!

4. MHX Crankbait Rod Blank Series

The Mod-Fast actions of the MHX Crankbait Series blanks certainly make them excellent candidates for many treble hook applications, but did you know they are also amazing when fishing shiners and swimbaits!

With powers ranging from Med-Light to X-Heavy, these may well become one of your favorite blanks to build on for years to come.

Start building your own crankbait rod to feel true performance!

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The MHX brand is known for high-quality and performance for a reason.

Each and every rod blank must pass a 7-point inspection that helps to reaffirm that each blank will exceed the angler’s expectations in durability, quality, and most of all, performance.

MHX uses state-of-the-art materials to engineer rod blanks that are up to 40% lighter than comparable models. Using a lighter rod blank brings a strategic boost to sensitivity and also helps create a sharp reduction in fisherman’s fatigue after long hours on the water.

Considering practice makes perfect, these MHX blanks start as a concept before becoming a testable prototype. Then, each prototype blank is distributed to MHX Regional Pros, who begin rigorously fishing each blank to test for the correct power and action in its designated applications.

MHX uses this advanced research and development system to sustain rod blanks with the highest quality and performance in the market.

Through decades of experience in fishing as well as design, MHX has discovered that optimizing rod blanks for specific fishing applications has one simple result, hooking up more fish. Naturally more fish equals more fun, and many anglers agree the performance of MHX Rod Blanks leads to a better overall fishing experience.

Build your new favorite fishing rod with the best-selling MHX rod blanks!