Top 3 CRB PRO Upgrades for Rod Building

The CRB Pro line of professional grade rod building equipment launches with 3 irreplaceable upgrades for your workshop. Find out how CRB Pro can go to work for you now!

Pro Grade Tools & Equipment Built Extra Tough

CRB Pro’s premium tools and equipment feature upgraded workshop essentials built extra tough for lifetime use on infinite builds.

If you’re a serious rod builder, these are serious tools designed to keep you building and making the most of your time punching the workshop clock.

1.   CRB PRO Roller Stand for Power Wrapping

Get to know the only fully threaded roller stand in the rod building industry, the CRB Pro Roller Stand!

Smooth and precise where it matters most, the CRB Roller Stands establish the most thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted advanced power wrapper supports available to rod builders.

The CRB Roller Stands are precision machined from 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum as the first and only threaded rod stands to feature locking collet nuts for near infinite height adjustments. Measuring in at 8” tall, each stand has 6.4” of adjustable height range to accommodate any rod building project!

The next revolution from the CRB PRO line up, these premium Roller Stands are engineered exclusively for the RBS Track (Aluminum Base Station). Each stand includes custom silicon wheel rings with high-performance sealed ball bearings that securely spin and support rods flawlessly throughout the increased RPMs of turning handles and wrapping at high speeds.

Add the CRB PRO Roller Stand here!

2.   CRB PRO Gauge for Sizing Guides, Tip Tops, & More

In custom rod building, the numbers don’t lie and the CRB Pro Gauge will make sure of it.

Measure tip tops, guides, and more with the trusty CRB PRO Gauge – available in a premium anodized blue!

Precision tolerance machined aluminum for extreme accuracy, this premium gauge delivers quick measurements on demand with a durable construction for long term use in your workshop.

This gauge includes guide sizing and tip top sizing, as well as a straight-edge ruler and convenient embossed measurement conversions.

Pick up your CRB PRO Gauge now!

3.   CRB PRO Extension Tool for Multi-Piece Rod Builds

The CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set is a must have for any rod builder who works on multi-piece rods because it solves the most common problems.

Ferrule wraps are now a breeze with the CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool. All you need to do is insert the tool into the rod segment you are working on, set it in your CRB stand, and use it as a sturdy wrapping aid for perfect ferrule wraps every time.

The PRO Extension tool is a great space saver as well. For those long multi-piece Fly or Surf Rod you can easily work on individual sections without the worry of running out of space in your workshop.

The CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set comes with two tools that feature a tapered design to easily accommodate any rod blanks with an inside diameter ranging from .100” to .545”.

Once it is time for finish, The CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool’s job is not done. It seamlessly fits in any of the CRB RDS Drying Systems, making it simple to apply finish and dry individual sections of a multi-piece rod.

Grab the CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set today!

Professional Grade Tools for Professional Grade Rod Builders

When your workbench is turning out serious numbers, CRB Pro has your back with the durable tools you need to outlast any job and then be ready to go for the next build.