Top 10 Features of LZR Fishing Rod Guides

Check out ten design benefits behind CRB’s most innovative and advanced guide series yet.

The Advanced Engineering of CRB’s LZR Guides

CRB celebrates the LZR line of rod guides as its lightest and most advanced guide design yet in its diverse family of high-performance rod components.

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Choosing guides and customizing guide spacing are huge benefits in rod building. From differences in guide materials, heights, and rings, to guide preparation, spacing, wrapping, and even finishing, this next episode of Mud Hole Live will cover all of the above and more!

Plus, watch for an exclusive look at CRB’s NEW line of LZR GUIDES; including spinning, casting, and dual purpose medium-duty guides, as well as light and medium-duty tip tops.

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These all-new LZR Guides feature ultra-thin zirconium rings and stainless-steel frames for unbelievably light, yet durable guide trains with superior performance benefits to match.

1. 50% Thinner Zirconium Insert Rings

CRB LZR Guides feature a smooth, polished zirconium ring that is 50% thinner than comparable models.

2. 10% Larger Eye Opening

3. Ultra-Lightweight Guide Train

Featuring 50% thinner Zirconia insert rings, each guide in the CRB LZR Guide train is super lightweight for an incredible collective weight reduction.

4. Braid-Proof Design with Enhanced Heat Dissipation

In addition to a slightly larger eye opening, the LZR Guides also bring increased durability for braid and an enhanced heat dissipation factor that virtually eliminates wear on fishing line.

5. Stainless Steel Guide Frames

Together, the zirconium insert rings and stainless-steel frames create a performance driven guide set that easily rivals titanium guides.

6. Reverse Pressed Spinning Frames

The LZR Spinning Guides are engineered with a reverse pressed frame that protects the zirconium insert rings from line knock for added durability as well as increased casting distance and accuracy.

7. Superior Durability & Ring Retention

From the pressed casting frames to the reverse pressed spinning frames, the LZR Guide Series is not only extremely light, but also features maximum durability and ring retention.

8. Three Premium Frame Finish Options

Give your custom rod the expert treatment with LZR Guides in your choice of three premium frame finishes: Polished, Black, and Gunsmoke.

9. Arrowed Guide Foot for Holding Security

With more surface area wrapped onto the blank, each LZR Guide is designed with an arrowed guide foot for increased holding security while fishing.

10. Spinning, Casting, Medium-Duty & Tip Top Options

How can LZR Guides get any better?

With models for spinning, casting, and dual purpose medium-duty guides, build your favorite style rod with LZR Guides and find out!

LZR Spinning Rod Guides

LZR Casting Rod Guides


LZR Medium-Duty Spinning & Casting Rod Guides


LZR Running Guides

LZR Light-Duty Tip Tops

LZR Medium-Duty Tip Tops

Product Spotlight: CRB LZR Fishing Rod Guides

Get a quick rundown of the engineering behind the LZR Guides and its resulting performance in the product spotlight video below!

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Watch Mud Hole Live: Guides and Guide Spacing!

Browse the NEW LZR Guide Series Now

CRB’s LZR Guide Series is its lightest and most advanced design yet in a family of high-performance rod components. Engineered with ultra-thin, super light zirconia rings, the LZR guides incorporate a high-density, polished insert ring that is 50% thinner than standard ceramic rings with an inner diameter up to 10% larger than comparable guides.

This guide technology allows the LZR series to be incredibly light, yet durable enough for the toughest braid—while also featuring enhanced heat dissipation that reduces wear on fishing line and increases casting distance as well as accuracy.

The LZR Guides are available in single-foot spinning, double-foot casting, medium-duty spinning/casting, running guides, and even tip tops; light and medium-duty.