Tips for Building Best Heavy Cover Bass Rod

Find out what it takes to build the best, high-performance heavy cover bass rod on this episode of Mud Hole After Hours TV.

Episode 4 of Mud Hole After Hours TV

From the MHX blank and custom components, to the performance and points for personal preference, don’t let this awesome episode get away!

Watch Mud Hole After Hours to best heavy cover bass rod:

How to Build MB874-MHX

The MB874-MHX blank, chosen by Chris, brings an excellent performance to heavy cover, while also matching this strength with the versatility to excel in several other applications.

Whether power fishing the frog or throwing a lighter whopper plopper, a Big Ez, and even swim jigs, the MB874-MHX rod blank relies on its keen balance of fast action and heavy power to do it all. Sensitive enough to feel the bite and set the hook, yet with the power to yank big fish from the heaviest cover, the performance of the MB874-MHX makes a great argument for the best heavy cover rod.

Plus, if a shorter heavy cover rod fits your fishing pursuits, then the 7’3” MB874-MHX is the ideal option considering your preference.

This MB874 heavy cover rod pairs well with the weather resistant MHX WinnDry grips, the blank feel of the Fuji ECSM exposed reel seat, the performance of CRB’s Elite Casting Guides, and the drop shot hook keeper to preserve plastic baits.

Build your custom MB874-MHX here! 

How to Build EPS90HF-MHX

Not only Hunter’s choice for the best heavy cover rod, but given the number of Mud Hole Pros that fish this rod across the nation, the EPS90HF-MHX Blank’s proven performance is hard to beat.

The EPS90HF-MHX rod blank features a similar balance between fast action and heavy power, but also features smaller diameters to increase sensitivity and reduce weight. Despite using a smaller diameter, the EPS90HF retains the strength and durability that has made MHX Blanks so popular on the water.

Although longer at 7’6”, this added length works to increase its casting distance and accuracy, while also ensuring the more flexibility when flipping and pitching.

If the Mud Hole pros have any say, it would be the EPS90HF because between FLW pros John Cox and Blake Smith as well as Bassmaster Elite angler Brandon Lester, each carry one throughout the season.

When built with the weather resistant MHX WinnDry grips, the ergonomic feel of the Fuji ACSM trigger reel seat, the precision of CRB’s Elite Casting Guides, and the drop shot hook keeper to quickly stow plastics, the EPS90HF-MHX is a top tier fishing rod made for performance.

Considering its performance and popularity in heavy cover applications across the nation, the EPS90HF-MHX rod blank is certainly a safe bet against even the biggest bass.

Start building your own EPS90HF-MHX now!

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Regardless of the debate over the best heavy cover rod, Mud Hole has everything you need to build the high-performance custom rod that’s best for you!