Tension Is A Good Thing For The CRB Hand Wrapper

Tension Is A Good Thing For The CRB Hand Wrapper

There are many reasons that set the CRB hand wrapper apart from the other hand wrappers on the market, but perhaps the most overlooked features revolve around tension.

This article describes the benefits of applying the right amount of tension during the guide wrapping process.

Why Is Tension Important

Before we dive into the specific features, let’s talk a bit about why tension is needed at all.

When thread is applied around the rod blank and guides, if the right amount of tension is applied – you accomplish two things.

First, the thread will do its job of securing the guide to the rod blank – which is really important during the first several turns when the thread is moving from the blank up the guide foot.

During this transition, if the tension is too light, the guide will often slide out of place.  If the tension is too tight, some guides might spring out from under the wrap – or may even break the thread (especially thread used for trim wraps).

Second, the right amount of tension – once all the guides are wrapped – will allow you to go back and make small adjustments to the guides to make sure they are in a perfectly straight line down the blank.

Now let’s get into the specific CRB tension features for their hand wrapper.

CRB Hand Wrapper Tension System

CRB Hand Wrapper Tension System

Dual Spool Tensioners

The CRB hand wrapper comes with a Dual Spool Tensioner that can hold two spools of thread, which means you can quickly change from color to color fast and efficiently.

More importantly, however, you can adjust the amount of thread tension you need by simple turning the wing nut.  Tightening the nut applies more pressure on the spring that then makes it more difficult for the thread spool to turn.  Of course the opposite occurs when you loosen the wing nut.

By controlling the amount of tension on the thread spool, you can control how tight or loose your thread is then applied to your blank and guides.

Thread Tension Rod

The CRB hand wrapper also comes with a thread tension rod, which is designed to keep constant thread tension on your wraps, cushion the thread spool pressure, and allow you to reverse your wraps without losing tension on the thread.

BTW, this is a really big deal.

What this means is that while you are wrapping a guide, you can reverse the rod blank and un-thread the guide wrap – while tension is still being applied to the thread.

Try doing this without a tension rod and you basically are starting all over again – because the thread will just unravel immediately.

Smooth Slider Too

The icing on the cake is the Smooth Slider that comes with the hand wrapper.  Since the thread passes through the slider, you can move it left or right and make sure the thread perfectly lines up next to the previous thread wrap.

This means you do not need to go back with a tool and keep pushing the thread down so it lines up correctly.

So – Tension Is A Good Thing

When you combine the Dual Spool Tensioners, the Thread Tension Rod and the Smooth Slider – you get a hand wrapping system that really is unparalleled in the market.

It allows you to truly customize and fine tune your thread wrapper to match your unique rod building requirements.

The CRB is highly recommended for both the beginner and pro!

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