Team Jersey Skinz Decorative Wraps

Team Color Jersey Skinz Decorative Wraps

With Mud Hole’s new Jersey Skinz™ it will be a tailgate party in your rod locker, and offer a quick and simple way to add your favorite team colors to your custom rod.

Jersey Skinz™ measure 2.25″ x 6″ and are designed to be cut-to-fit, and feature high-res imagery and are printed on premium adhesive-backed cast vinyl.  The skinz are then sealed with a high-gloss laminate for easy installation.

The result is a visually stunning and dynamic look on your rod.  Easy enough for a beginner, yet unique enough for a pro, Jersey Skinz™ truly gives your custom rod a feel that no other store-bought rod can offer.

We also carry a full line of NFL colors and the more popular collegiate level teams.  Here is a list of team colors:

Jersey Skinz National Colors

Jersey Skinz American Colors

Jersey Skinz College Colors


Great Add On For Rod Builders

If you build rods for other people, you know customization is obviously the leading factor for why your customers seek your expertise.

Performance, weight and fishing applications rightfully take priority when working with your customers in designing their custom fishing rod, but why not go one step further.

Customers often want custom patterns, or in general something aesthetic that reflects their interests.
Frankly, when customers realize the amount of time it would take, and the resulting cost to them, to have intricate thread patterns applied to their rod, they may turn down the add on for customizations.

However, that is where products like Jersey Skinz™ shine!

They are low cost, and can be applied in a short amount of time, which means customers can focus putting their money into the performance of the rod, while also having the unique aesthetic customizations they crave!

Easy Thread Matching Table

Jersey Skinz™ from Mud Hole also comes with a complete list of matching thread for each of the skinz available.  All you need to do is match the color code (from the chart above) to the applicable row in the chart below.

There you will find the matching ProWrap thread colors, so the rod thread and Jersey Skinz™ colors will always match perfectly!

Jersey Skinz Thread Matching Table

So, the next time you are building a rod for yourself or a customer, think about adding a Jersey Skinz™ to give it that personal touch.

How To Install Skinz

This video goes over how to install Rod Skinz™ – which is the same process for installing Jersey Skinz™

Give it a try today!

Jersey Skinz

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