3 Ways to Build Out of a Fishing Slump

Doing more fishing than catching? Learn 3 ways to refresh your fishing and beat a no-bite slump! Fishing Tips to Earn Back the Bites As frustrating as a slump can feel, it’s important to know it’s not impossible to beat. For many…

The Best Fishing Tool for Aging Eyes & Micro Guides

Spending more time fussing with fishing line than actually fishing? Use the Fuji Line Speed Threader to make feeding even the lightest line faster and easier than ever before. 4 Reasons to Use Fuji Line Speed Threader This little tool…

DIY Glove Box Fishing Rod

Bring everything you need to stop and catch that big fish with this handy, compact DIY glove box fishing rod. Don’t miss the video tutorial at the bottom! Join Our Newsletter 5 Steps to Build this Fun Custom Fishing…

Why DIY Spinnerbaits Catch Fish

Spinnerbaits make for a classic fishing lure because they are easy to use for beginners, yet incredibly versatile for more experienced anglers. Now, with Mud Hole's DIY Spinnerbait Kit, you can make the perfect spinnerbait for all your fishing…
Making Your Own Jigs & Options Available

Making Your Own Jigs & Options Available

If you are interested in building your own fishing jigs, this article explains what options are available to you from

How To Make A Tandem Spinnerbait

This article provides instructions on how to build a tandem spinnerbait yourself, which are great fishing lures for several species including Bass.