San Diego Welcomes Custom Rod Building Class

From Oviedo, FL to San Diego, CA, Mud Hole’s expert instructors traveled out West to teach an excited audience how to build custom fishing rods.

Where to Find Rod Building Classes

Thanks to Mud Hole’s dedicated group of rod building instructors and giant conference rooms across America, there’s a great chance you can find a rod building class near you.

In order to spread our passion for rod building as well as all the knowledge necessary to do it yourself, the hands-on instruction of these rod building class is next to none when it comes to experience. Whether you’re a beginner rod builder, you’ve done some repairs and tinkering in the past, or even if you’re an experienced builder just looking to improve, Mud Hole’s rod building classes are the ultimate interactive demonstration of rod building out there.

From the East coast to the West coast, and everywhere in between, check out the updated rod building schedule to find a class located close to you.

Catch Up with the Class in San Diego

From the expert instruction and all the included tools and supplies, to the custom fishing rod you build to take home, there is certainly no shortage of excitement in each class.

And San Diego’s class was no different…

Catch a glimpse of all the rod building fun in the photo gallery below!

San Diego’s Rod Building Class

Besides the sunshine, Mud Hole’s instructors also got to sneak out to enjoy some fishing in San Diego. Together, the sights of San Diego and all the hooked up rockfish certainly provided these guys some extra fun on the side!

Enroll in Mud Hole’s Custom Rod Building Course

Why sign up for the rod building class?

The short answer is to build your own custom fishing rod, but truthfully, you’ll get so much more out of these classes.

For example, the rod building class gives you a firsthand look at how and why rods are constructed the way they are. This provides the insight you need to understand why your go-to rod is your favorite, and how you can duplicate or improve upon that particular design and set up.

More Benefits of Mud Hole’s Rod Building Class:

  • See how and why to spine your blank
  • Learn proper guide spacing and guide selection
  • Understand how to build your rod EXACTLY the way you want it
  • Build the best feeling and performing rod for your favorite fishing applications

Learn more about our classes here: FAQ for Custom Rod Building Classes

The rod building class covers the basics and advanced skills, so that you can return home with everything you need to create amazing custom fishing rods.

The only limit is your own imagination!