Rod Building’s Best Power Wrapper

Elevate your rod building system to the next generation with the most advanced power wrapping unit yet, the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper!

Power Up Your RBS Rod Building System

The RBS-Pro Power Wrapper is the key to elevating any rod building system to the ultimate level of quality and efficiency.

Whether power wrapping, shaping grips, or refurbishing old rods, this bold new power wrapper from CRB maximizes the potential for your rod building system to turn out incredible custom fishing rods.

Learn all about the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper in this blog!

Features of the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper

The RBS-Pro marks the debut of CRB’s new and improved premium line of rod building solutions.

Designed by rod building experts, the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper is engineered to bring a broad range of benefits to any custom rod building workshop. From wrapping and finishing guides, to shaping grips and refurbishing old rods, the RBS-Pro brings the perfect boost of power to accomplish all of the above with more efficiency and precision than ever before.

Not only can you perform a variety of rod building functions, this power wrapper also seamlessly fits into the RBS Rod Building System. Future proofing your investment in the RBS, CRB is devoted to helping you assemble the best rod building system for your individual demands.

Learn more about the advanced features of the RBS-Pro below:

Power Wrapper Motor

The upgrades of the all-new RBS-Pro Power Wrapper begin with the motor.

Let’s face it, a power wrapper must have a reliable motor, or it really isn’t even worth it in the first place.

Luckily, the RBS-Pro brings a sturdy, reliable 110V motor that offers variable speeds to suit whatever rod building work needs to be done.

Not to mention, the drive motor of the RBS-Pro features quiet, smooth operations to allow rod builders to work late at night, early in the morning, or in most cases, what often turns into both!

Foot Pedal Controls

This new and improved variable speed motor is controlled by a pressure sensitive foot pedal.

The foot pedal controls are simple to operate and incredibly responsive for decreasing and increasing rotation speeds.

Plus, the foot pedal design helps keep your hands free, so that you can independently work on your rod build while simultaneously maintaining complete control of the speed.

Using this variable speed is key for wrapping thread, finishing guide wraps, shaping grips, and more!

Headstock & Chuck

For power wrappers, another crucial component would be the headstock and chuck that actually maintain the rod or rod blank.

Made from machined aircraft grade aluminum, the headstock and chuck of the RBS-Pro are precisely crafted to rotate rapidly, while still keeping the rod secure and preventing any wobble.

The RBS-Pro was designed by experts who understand the demands of the rod builders using it. With that understanding, comes the necessary knowledge to engineer not just rod building equipment, but rod building solutions.

For instance, since rod builders assemble a wide variety of custom fishing rods for an even wider variety of fishing applications, a high-quality power wrapper has to accommodate these different sized rods.

With this in mind, the RBS-Pro was built with a 3-jaw self-centering chuck as well as two interchangeable sets of chuck teeth to ensure the perfect fit on your rod blank, fighting butt, or even mandrels.

Interchangeable Concave & Convex Chuck Teeth

The RBS-Pro includes two sets of interchangeable chuck teeth that allow you to get a tighter and more secure grip. Both sets are rubberized to fit over the chuck and tighten effectively without damaging the rod blank or grip.


The concave chuck teeth are designed for standard rod blanks and fighting butt sizes. Then, the convex chuck teeth are excellent whether you are working with a smaller diameter rod blank or you are chucking up a mandrel to shape your own fishing grips.

Stepped Pulley System

Allowing for 4 different speed and torque configurations, the stepped aluminum pulley construction of the RBS-Pro creates a precise fit for either drive belt.

The stepped pulley system relies on a large and small headstock pulley that matches up with the large and small stepped motor pulley below. The precision behind this design helps maintain a smooth, controlled rotation regardless of the speed or torque configuration you choose.

Since the RBS-Pro can get up to 6,000 RPM, this is a huge bonus for producing high-speed work that is both accurate and effective!

Two Drive Belt Options

The innovative stepped pulley system of the RBS-Pro was drawn up and developed to work seamlessly with two different drive belts: a light duty silicone belt and a heavy duty v-belt.

The light duty belt is included for more general work, such as wrapping thread, finishing guides, and touching up rods, while the heavy duty v-belt is suggested jobs like sanding and shaping grips.

Easily Attaches to RBS Rod Building System

Incorporating the RBS-Pro effortlessly into the Rod Building System is arguably one of the biggest selling points of this new and improved power wrapper.

Like most CRB equipment, the goal is develop a rod building solution that helps rod builders grow with their rod building system and the RBS-Pro certainly fits the bill.

Simply slide the RBS-Pro onto your RBS Aluminum Base Station and screw it on with the included hardware (4x screws, nuts, and washers) to secure it in place.

Then, witness your rod building system as it grows from the basic essentials to the advanced equipment necessary to maximize both your personal production levels and more importantly, the quality of each custom rod you build.

Upgrade Your Workshop with the RBS-Pro

As the premier power wrapper, the RBS-Pro brings the innovative rod building solutions that will benefit all rod builders.

From powering your thread wraps and guide wrap finish, to turning grips and refurbishing old favorites, the RBS-Pro creates the advanced rod building system that minimizes build time and maximizes build quality.

Let’s just say that with the RBS-Pro, you have the power!

Find the RBS-Pro Bundled in Kits

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Designed by rod building experts, the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper Unit is engineered to bring a broad range of benefits to any custom rod building workshop.

From wrapping and finishing guides, to shaping grips and refurbishing old rods, the RBS-Pro brings the perfect boost of power to accomplish all of the above with more efficiency and precision than ever before.

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