Rod Building: 4 Reasons to Stock Up on Kits & Save

Read this blog to learn how and why kits make rod building easier and less expensive, while still offering the custom options that make this craft so unique and rewarding.

Why Buy Rod Building Kits

From supplies and tools to complete rods and all-in-one bundles, rod building kits are designed to bring builders everything they need through a more streamlined selection process.

This makes choosing kits as easy as identifying what you need and then just choosing the right kit for the job!

1. Kits for Every Rod Builder

Whether you’re looking to get started or expand on your existing talents, there are rod building kits to fit the demands of any and every angler.

Mud Hole is the largest source for custom rod building components with over 35,000 SKUs!

But don’t let this number intimidate you because kits organize this sea of custom components into the best possible selections for your fishing applications or interests. By choosing the optimal components for each rod, supply, tool, or even equipment kit, this makes sorting through all the possible components a task of the past.

Organized in kits yet still including plenty of choices for customization, rod building kits are truly revolutionizing this awesome craft.

2. Stock Up Without Forgetting Essentials

With rod building kits, the days of scrambling to get your orders together long gone. With less part numbers and long lists to keep track of, you can get all your rod building essentials without forgetting your fighting butt or that one winding check.

For many rod builders, the craft has taken them beyond just building for fun and into building rods for friends, family, and even customers!

As you begin building for others, organization is very important to keeping yourself sane as well as maintaining the quality and quantity you want from your workshop. Stocking up on rod building kits is the fastest and easiest way to stay organized and get everything you need packaged up for you.

3. Ordering is Easier than Ever

As briefly mentioned in the previous section, the kit system has made ordering what you need as fast as it is easy.

With so many SKUs to work with, experts bundle each individual kit to fit any demands of various rod builders.

For example, if you think you have everything you need, but when it comes time to build, you don’t have enough epoxy to finish the build.

Well no problem because Supply Kits have you covered!

Essentially, rod building kits are available for just about any and every demand a rod builder can create.

Stock up on what you need and avoid what you don’t… it’s that easy!

4. Save Your Time and Money $$$

Value is one of the best benefits behind these rod building kits.

From turnkey kits with everything you need to build a rod to supply kit and tool kits, each kit is bundled to be as helpful and cost effective as possible. These various kits are not only designed to fit various rod building demands, but they are also priced to move.

This way, you can get all the components, supplies, and tools you need—while still saving time AND money.

Saving time and money are two great benefits that are really tough to argue against!

Mud Hole: The One Stop Rod Building Shop

As a leading innovator and supplier, Mud Hole works tirelessly to bring in the latest and greatest trends in custom rod building.

Whether it’s new rod blank models—like the NEPS-MHX Elite Pro Blanks, custom handle assemblies—for Spinning, Casting, Fly Fishing, and Saltwater, or even popular guide sets—such as Micro Guide Kits, the best place to find all of the above is Mud Hole Custom Tackle.

Rod Building Kits Made to Move

Rod building kits are a huge success because there are assortments and options to suit everyone.

Plus, the various options are priced to give you the best deal possible in a complete, hassle-free kit.

Custom Turnkey Rod Building Kits

Popular for beginning and advanced rod builders alike, the Custom Turnkey Rod Building Kits were the first to really take the rod building world by storm. Engineered by fishing application, each turnkey kit features all the components, tools, and supplies necessary to build yourself the optimal custom fishing rod.

These amazing turnkey rod kits are fully customizable, so you are actually configuring and building the rod kit as you order it.

Choose your rod blank & component colors!

Customize your handle material & grip styles!

Includes all the tools & supplies you will need!

Each turnkey rod building kit includes everything you need to build your own custom fishing rod.

From the fishing rod blank, to the components and supplies, we have bundled everything you need in one convenient kit. Just choose which rod building kit fits your application, and you will be building your custom fishing rod in no time.

Choose your Turnkey Rod Building Kit here…

Multi-Option Rod Kits

These amazing MHX and CRB Multi-Option Rod Building Kits are fully customizable, so you are actually configuring and building your rod kit as you order it.

Choose which rod blank you want!

Choose your guide styles & colors!

Choose your handle material & grip styles!

All components have been perfectly sized and matched for you!

These customizable rod building kits will change the way you build rods because it has never been this easy to configure all the components you need on a single page.

Just choose the options you prefer, and hit add to cart – it’s that easy!

These kits are generally designed for builders who know what species, technique, or application their fishing rod will target. Adding more blank options and opportunities to choose custom components, Multi-Option Rod Kits are excellent for established and newer builders alike.

For established builders who are already stocked up with tools and supplies, all you need is the right rod kit and you’re ready to get building.

But for newer builders, simply pair your multi-option rod kit with a start-up supply kit like the FSB-2 to get everything you need to bring that fishing rod to life.

Rod Building Start-Up Supply Kits

These start-up supply kits are great for both new and experienced rod builders.

For new rod builders, these supply kits shorten the learning curve on exactly what pieces you will require. While for experienced builders, you don’t need to worry about forgetting something and having to place another order.

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Rod Building Start-Up Tool Kits

These start-up tool kits are ideal for rod builders across the board of experience.

For new rod builders, these tool kits shorten the learning curve on exactly what tools you need and why. And for experienced builders, you don’t need to worry about forgetting something and having to place another order.

See which Tool Kits can help you!

Rod Building Equipment Bundles

When you have the right equipment for each phase of the rod building process—you will usually end up with a higher quality finished rod that actually takes less time to build.

We created these equipment bundles to make it easy and affordable for all rod builders to have access to the equipment they need.

Many bundles are priced at a discount as an incentive for buying as a kit instead of individually.

Catch the right bundle for you in Rod Building Equipment Kits…

Design & Build Your Dream Rod

Pick out the best kits for you and build your own custom rod!