A Review of the CRB Rod Building System

Find out why Custom Rod Builder’s RBS is the best-selling system for rod builders of all levels.

Rod Building Equipment that Grows With You

The RBS Rod Building System is the most unique investment opportunity in custom rod building because it provides a fully expandable and upgradeable system allows the work station to grow and retract depending on the needs of the user.

Besides its many rod building benefits, CRB’s Rod Building System facilitates a clutter, accident free workspace to keeps users focused and on task throughout the completion of their custom rod.

Whether you are wrapping a guide, repairing a handle assembly, or just leaving a finished rod to dry, the CRB Rod Building System has you covered!

The Basic RBS Hand Wrapping System

The RBS Hand Wrapping System is the perfect starter equipment for anglers looking to build their own custom rods.

This system includes an Aluminum Base Station, a HWS-1 Hand Wrapper, and an assortment of adjustable vertical support stands. The RBS Hand Wrapping System is built upon an Aluminum Base Station featuring dual roller tracks on either side of one center track to form over eight feet of customizable rod building space.

Along with the addition of the HWS-1 that uses dual spool tensioners to simplify even the most difficult thread wraps, this RBS Hand Wrapping System has a spool side pressure system that puts pressure on the spool instead of on the individual thread. A much better way to keep tension on the thread, the spool side pressure system eliminates problems such as de-laminating of metallic thread, bunching of nylon thread, and twist coiling.

Portable, durable, and versatile, the RBS Hand Wrapping System is a great kit to start with because it comes equipped with all the basic features necessary for rod building. Luckily, it is also compatible with many more CRB products and these additional CRB products mount onto the Aluminum Base Station to increase the level of customization available in your work space.

Product Spotlight: The RBS Rod Building System

The RBS Hand Wrapping System Includes:

RBS Aluminum Base Station

As the foundation of the Rod Building System, the Aluminum Base Station contains three pieces measuring in at 33” each. Each aluminum piece is linked to the next section by stainless steel slat connectors fastened with eight bolts, lock washers, and nuts.

As straightforward to build as it is to break down, the ABS is easy to assemble and even easier to store. Portable yet durable, the ABS has an interior support beam to prevent any flexing or warping whether it is in use, in transport, or in storage.

Along with its solid build, the Aluminum Base Station or ABS features a center track to allow rod builders to easily add or remove any upgrades and support stands. From thread wrapping and rod drying systems to the CRB Spine Finder and the RBS Power Head, each upgrade fits securely creating a customizable work station like no other.

With over eight feet of customizable work space, the ABS also includes dual roller tracks on the front and back edge so that thread carriages and accessory trays can slide along the rod as you work on each section.

Note: If 8 feet of work space isn’t enough, additional 33” Extruded Aluminum Base Station sections extend your work station even further not to mention they are a breeze to install.

CRB Hand Wrapper System

Revolutionizing the hand-wrapper, CRB introduced the Hand Wrapper System or HWS-1 to exclusively fit on Aluminum Base Station, making any wrapping task or technique simpler than ever before. The HWS-1 hand wrapping unit has a dual spool tensioner as well as a tension rod so rod builders can effortlessly reverse to change thread color or fix any wrapping mistakes.

Before the HWS-1, changing thread color was often a hassle since you had to maintain the existing tension while selecting and installing that additional color thread. But after the HWS-1 and its dual spool tensioners were introduced, changing thread color mid-wrap is now faster and much more efficient.

For new rod builders and experienced rod builders wanting to brush up on their wrapping skills, the HWS-1 was designed to fit interchangeable instruction cards that give rod builders accessible advice to reference while they are wrapping.

Note: Although the HWS-1 comes with instruction cards for basic step by step wrapping, more advanced instruction cards for doing decorative wraps, inlays, and trim bands are also readily available.

Product Spotlight: CRB Hand Wrapper System

Evolving the RBS for Professional Rod Building

The CRB Rod Building System is truly the tool to start with as well as the system to grow with. From major building and wrapping to minor decorations and repair work, the RBS adapts to accommodate any user, workplace, or aspect of rod building.

RBS Rod Building Upgrades & Add-Ons

CRB’s Rod Building Systems are capable of doing everything under the sun when it comes to building your next custom fishing rod. What makes the RBS, the first of its kind, even more unique is the universal compatibility that comes with all Custom Rod Builder’s RBS products.

Each of CRB’s add-ons and accessories feature effortless installation on the Aluminum Base Station, making the RBS perfect for any aspect of custom rod building.

RDS Rod Drying System

While developing the RDS Rod Drying System, CRB kept quality and value above all else.

The new and improved RDS unit is a product that is as easy to use as it is affordable. This Rod Drying System employs a drying unit that is durable, yet user-friendly to create a dependable rod dryer for novice and professional builders alike.

Plus, the RDS Rod Dryer is available in a 9 or 18 RPM drying motor and includes a 6′ cord, form fitting chuck, and one dryer support stand.

RBS System Power Head

Bringing variable speed with precise control to rod building, the RBS System Power Head comes with a foot pedal in order to increase, maintain, or decrease its rotation speed simultaneously as you work.

Whether you are wrapping larger guides, micro guides, or even decorative trim bands, you have constant control over the rotation of your rod which drastically cuts down both input energy and production time.

Despite its excellent performance during thread wrapping applications, there are many other innovative ways to put your Power Head to work. For instance, if you are adding tape arbors, cutting EVA grips, reviving worn cork grips, sanding down grips, or removing fishing line from a reel, simply chuck up your rod to the Power Head to see what this controllable speed can do for you.

A popular upgrade to CRB’s Rod Building Systems, the Power Head will transform your work station because its innovations increase your productivity while dramatically decreasing your fatigue.

RDS Rod Dryer With Dryer Clutch

Wanting more from their RDS Rod Dryer, especially in applications that require fine tuning, CRB developed the RDS Rod Dryer with Dryer Clutch. The Dryer Clutch is a simple concept, but will work wonders on your next custom rod build.

As fun as it is to jab epoxy on a custom rod while dodging the rotating guides, it is even more rewarding for you and your patience to stop the rod’s spin by merely grabbing it, then letting it resume rotation by just letting go. Finishing epoxy with precision and ease, the Rod Dryer with Dryer Clutch gives you the upmost control when it is time to finish your custom rod build.

Product Spotlight: RDS Rod Dryer with Dryer Clutch

Or, if you are have the RDS Rod Dryer, just grab the RDS Dryer Clutch for an excellent upgrade!

The NEW DCRDS Variable Speed Rod Dryer

Improve your finish game with CRB’s new DCRDS Variable Speed Rod Dryer.

Bringing a variable speed controlled by the user, this dryer offers flexibility to rod builders of all skill levels. This new RDS units brings a durable, user-friendly drying unit that gives the builder total control when needed most.

Each unit features a DC motor with a built-in converter that handles both 110v or 240v. This means there is no need for a separate unit if you’re an international builder.

You can dial this dryer in from a virtual standstill all the way up to 45 RPM. Plus, the DCRDS comes with a 3′ cord, form fitting chuck, and one Dryer Support Stand, to give you an improved drying system.

Product Spotlight: DCRDS Variable Speed Rod Dryer

More Rod Building Tools & Accessories

The Rod Building Systems from CRB give rod builders the opportunity to start with only the necessities then mature with additional upgrades, tools, and accessories to a professional system that’s on the same platform.

Product Spotlight: CRB Family of Tools

Check out these great tools and accessories for the RBS System:

CRB Spine Finder & Deflection System

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to drastically improve the performance of your custom rod, check out the CRB Spine Finder.

Locating the exact spine of any rod blank quickly and accurately, CRB’s Spine Finder uses a strong PVC base with precision ball bearings so that you can flex your rod to find its strongest spine every time.

Not only the perfect tool for locating a blank’s spine, it also features CRB’s Deflection System to determine your guide spacing to ensure guides are installed for peak performance. Although CRB guide sets come with measurements for guide spacing, it will always help to check for slight variation with the deflection system.

Think of the suggested guide spacing as a rough draft, then go back with CRB’s Deflection System and fine tune their locations in order to avoid the line ever crossing the plane of the blank as it flexes. Quick, accurate, and easy, CRB’s Spine Finder and Deflection System will improve the performance of your custom rod to make all the difference once you reach the water.

Product Spotlight: CRB Spine Finder and Deflection System

CRB Epoxy Mixing System

Mistakes can be made often during the epoxy process. For example, the wrong mixing technique can have negative consequences on the curing process of the epoxy. Whether causing an extended drying time, failing to dry at all, or adding bothersome bubbles, save yourself the migraine by using CRB’s Epoxy Mixing System.

The Epoxy Mixing System or EM1, features an 18 RPM motor that churns at a constant rate to guarantee a bubble-free epoxy mix each time. Not only eliminating troublesome bubbles, the EM1 also extends the life of an epoxy mixture by keeping it fresh and perfectly mixed for longer periods of time.

Saving time and money, CRB’s Epoxy Mixing System will improve your productivity and preserve your resources.

RBS Rolling Finish Tray and Tool Tray

Have you ever misplaced your burnishing tool or stuck your elbow a forgotten epoxy dish? Don’t feel embarrassed because it happens to old and new rod builders alike. Since CRB feels your pain, they came out with the RBS Rolling Finish Tray and the Rolling Tool Tray so that your materials and tools can stay right there with you.

No matter if you need to burnish a thread wrap or begin to apply epoxy, these rolling trays keep your tools in immediate reach. Easy to install yet hard to live without, RBS Rolling Trays will subtly reform your RBS work station by clearing clutter and keeping your tools as well as materials organized.

CRB LED Magnifier

Sometimes when wrapping a micro guide or doing decorative work, you need to see what you are doing in fine detail. The CRB LED Magnifier allows you to do just that even if your work station has poor lighting.

Featuring a fully flexible arm, a lightweight 4” rimless 2.5x magnifier with an added 6x macro lens, and a dual battery operated LED light, the CRB LED Magnifier easily mounts onto your HWS-1 Hand Wrapper. So if you are rushing a midnight thread wrap or trying to execute an intricate decoration, the CRB LED Magnifier will definitely help.

Looking for CRB Tool Combo Packs?

Sure you can buy tools individually, but these tool combo packs are the best way to get more and save money.

Choose yours:

CRB Pro Tool Combo Pack

CRB Ultimate Tool Combo Pack

Complete RBS Rod Building Equipment Kits

The first and last system a rod builder will ever need, the RBS comes in multiple complete kit options that suit a wide range of rod building experience.

No matter what phase of rod building you find yourself in, these complete kits have the matching parts and performance to make each step from start to finish easier than ever.

RBS Hand Wrapping System With 9 RPM Dryer

If you are in the market for the RBS Hand Wrapping System, but also have an eye on a rod dryer, why not upgrade your kit to the RBS Hand Wrapping System with 9 RPM Dryer. Rod Dryers are a necessity when it comes to applying and curing epoxy on a finished rod build.

Although the rod dryer doesn’t directly dry the epoxy, it does maintain the rod’s position while rotating to ensure that the epoxy can cure in one even coat. Epoxy will naturally cure with bumps or bulges, but the constant spin of the rod dryer allows the epoxy to settle around the rod in one unified coat free of any sloppy spots. At 9 RPM, this rod dryer’s speed will increase your productivity without sacrificing any control as you apply epoxy while it rotates.

Thanks to the universal compatibility of CRB’s Rod Building Systems, the 9 RPM Rod Dryer fastens directly onto the Aluminum base station alongside the HWS-1 and support stands. The RBS Hand Wrapping System with 9 RPM Dryer is the complete kit to get you started hand wrapping, epoxying, and drying your next custom rod build.

RBS Power Wrapping System

Similar to the RBS Hand Wrapping System, the RBS Power Wrapping System includes the Aluminum Base Station, the HWS-1 Hand Wrapper, and the adjustable vertical support stands, however, it also introduces power to the wrapping process. Namely through CRB’s Power Head, the RBS Power Wrapping System allows you to take on the same thread wrapping applications except in a fraction of the time.

Increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue, the RBS Power Wrapping System will rotate the rod with some serious speed while still maintaining control of the rod in a self-centering and adjusting chuck that will fit virtually any style of fishing rod. The speed of CRB’s Power Head is regulated through a foot pedal so that the user can slow down or speed up depending on their preference.

For example, major applications that take more thread like wrapping guides can be done quickly by increasing the speed of the Power Head, while minor decorative applications, often done with more fragile metallic thread, can be completed carefully by decreasing the Power Head’s speed.

RBS Power Wrapping System With Dryer

If you want to cover all your rod building bases with products of peak performance, the RBS Power Wrapping System with Dryer is the complete kit to choose. With the Aluminum Base Station, HWS-1 Hand Wrapper, adjustable support stands, and Power Head in addition to a 9 RPM Rod Drying System, this complete kit will satisfy any rod building demand with speed and quality.

Incorporating the 9 RPM Rod Dryer to the RBS Power Wrapping System allows you to maximize both your efficiency while building a custom rod and your satisfaction once your custom rod is complete. Whether you build rods for business or pleasure, the productivity of the RBS Power Wrapping System with Rod Dryer will make the ultimate difference in any custom rod building application.

Power Wrapper Combo Kit

Designed for serious rod builders, the Power Wrapper Combo Kit allows you to choose from 5 assorted equipment bundles.

The base kit before upgrades includes self-centering chuck, multi spool thread carriage with tension device, ceramic line guide blade, 3 fully adjustable rod stands with ball bearing wheels, foot and dial controlled wrapping motor (which can also turn cork grips), 45″ indications on flywheel for diamond wraps, and the sectional 8′ anodized aluminum base.

This seems like a lot, but you can bet there’s more!

From the 9RPM dryer and chuck upgrade to the automatic epoxy mixer, each selection features unique options so that builders can include or cut equipment at their own discretion.

It’s easy, you choose the right combo with the equipment and upgrades you need, then just enjoy all the strategic benefits brought by this awesome power wrapping system.

The RBS System: Worth the Investment?


Depending on your level of rod building experience and your ideal efficiency building rods, there is an entry or advanced option to suit your specific needs. Durable and versatile yet affordable, the RBS rod building system makes for the perfect gift for you or your favorite angler.

After all, rod building is the gift that keeps on giving and the right RBS System is all you need to do it!

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