Pro Brandon Lester Chats Custom Crappie Rod

When he’s not out competing in the Bassmaster Elite Series, Pro Brandon Lester loves crappie fishing and his lightweight 6’0″ Crappie Spinning Rod is all he needs.

Rod Building Leads Lester to Best Crappie Rod

Like custom rod building, fishing for crappie is one of Mud Hole Pro Brandon Lester’s favorite pastimes. So, for Lester it was only a matter of time before he crossed his knowledge and experience of rod building with his desire to catch and eat more crappie.

Whether shooting docks or casting into brush piles for suspended crappie, Pro Brandon Lester always trusts the advantages of his S721 6’0” Crappie Spinning Rod Kit and now, so can you.

Pro Brandon Lester Poses with Two Crappie

Brandon Lester designed his S721 6’0″ Crappie Spinning Rod for a high-performance that’s impossible to beat.

Blank’s Precise Performance Perfect for Shootin’ Docks

Optimizing his crappie fishing performance began by carefully considering what MHX Rod Blank would be the best fit. Since the blank is the foundation of the fishing rod, this decision is one of the most important in forecasting the custom rod’s ultimate performance.

For instance, he knew this rod would require a shorter blank to cast with extreme accuracy around docks and brush piles that harbor the most crappie. But Brandon also recognized the blank needed enough give in action as well as flex in power to sustain the hookset in a pinned down crappie.

After considering the factors above and sharing his idea with MHX, Brandon Lester chose the 6’0” S721-MHX Rod Blank because its length, action, and power are a lethal combination for crappie fishing.

The 6’0” length offers the perfect precision for shootin’ docks and since Lester favors shootin’ docks for crappie, accuracy is always his priority. While shootin’ docks with supreme accuracy, Lester prefers to use 1/32-3/16 oz. jig heads to help harness his rod’s best performance.

As Brandon Lester explains, “my 6’0″ Crappie Spinning Rod is my go-to for crappie fishing, especially when I’m shootin’ docks and need its incredible accuracy.”

For more advice on shootin’ docks, watch Pro Brandon Lester and his custom crappie rod get it done:

Superior Setup for Hooking Suspended Crappie

When fishing for crappie, another great opportunity comes from casting into brush piles along steep banks where crappie often congregate. The suspended crappie surround the brush piles, which make them difficult to reach and even harder to get back out.

Although casting into sunken brush piles is tricky, Brandon Lester built his S721 6’0” Crappie Spinning Rod as the optimal answer for crappie fishing in this specific application. Not only does the length maximize casting accuracy, but the blank’s mod-fast action and ultra-light power also work to absorb the shock of a buttoned-up crappie.

This balance ensures the jig reaches the suspended crappie then the rod flexes with the hookset to adequately absorb the shock and finally, wrestle the crappie back to the boat.

Watch the video below for more advice on finding and catching suspended crappie from Brandon Lester:

Custom Rod Building to Catch More Crappie

From the S721-MHX Blank and MHX WinnDry Polymer Grips, to the CRB Elite Guides and Fuji Graphite Reel Seat, this 6’0” Crappie Spinning Rod is engineered with the ultimate advantages for a high-performance that keeps you catching crappie.

Brandon Lester Pro Tour Crappie Rod Kit

When it comes to crappie fishing, Brandon Lester’s S721 6’0″ Crappie Spinning Rod Kit is engineered to catch ’em.

Besides, as Bassmaster Elite Pro Brandon Lester says, “the best part of crappie fishing is eating ’em, so this rod’s performance is perfect because it keeps my box and my belly full.”

Get your exclusive Brandon Lester S721 6’0” Crappie Spinning Rod here!