Offshore Rod Recipes for Sailfish & Pelagic Prizes

Make the most of the rods you bring for big game by discovering what rod blanks and components are quintessential offshore. Learn what it takes to build an offshore fishing rod capable of catching the fastest fish in the ocean and more!

Fishing Rods Built for Big Saltwater Species

Before roaring offshore, there are moments you can’t help but dream up.

For many anglers, offshore fishing is the rush of a lifetime. But it’s also the ultimate test of patience, confidence, and equipment.

Once you’re offshore and the dredge is out, the scene on the stern can quickly change from calm and quiet, to a nervous bait fish and a marvelous fish exploding from the water in an instant.

Moments like this are rare. Moments where you are literally connected to a prized sportfish that’s tail walking and sprinting like mad out to sea.

Moments where all your hopes come down to the fishing rod in your hand.

But as rod builders, we go into this thrilling battle with added confidence because we know we built our rod, from the butt to the tip, for this moment!

The Top 4 MHX Rods for Sailfish & More

Success in these moments hangs in the balance of chance and preparation. With rod building, you really can’t be more prepared. You know every component on every inch of that rod.

When your rods are dialed-in and your tackle is packed, all that awaits is your moment on the water. While fishing offshore, never let the downtime fool you because when that moment strikes, you and your custom rod better be ready.

We organized this arsenal of Offshore Rod Recipes tough enough for any pelagic challenge to help you select the right rod blanks and components to make the most of your moments.

Add these Rod Recipes to Your Offshore Wishlist:

1. The Versatile L904-MHX Inshore Spinning Rod Going Offshore

Sure this #L904-MHX comes out of the inshore series, but we promise it packs the heavy power to handle offshore fishing as well.

The L904 has a length of 7’6″ with a strategic fast action tip flex and a boosted heavy power to keep fish pinned and keep you in control of the fight, especially against the aggressive saltwater species.

Whether fishing live bait, or even using divers, jerk baits, and swim baits, this L904 rod blank builds a great fishing rod to catch all sorts of salty critters!

Along with a cool custom split grip rarely seen offshore, this L904 rod uses a size 19 Rubber Gimbal because it will spend time in a rod holder and against your body while fighting big fish. With this rubber gimbal, you can lean into fish without having to use a fighting belt.

Plus, we upgraded the foregrip to a CRB X-Cut EVA Grip, which is comfortable and includes laser cut cross-hatching for increased grip against anything from snook, barracuda, and bonito, to even dolphin and sailfish.

This rod also features a brilliant pop of color between the metallic blue threadwork and the matching blue CRB Aluminum Comfort Lock Reel Seat that any custom rod builder can appreciate it.

Pair this build with the LZR Medium-Duty Guide Kit and go fishing!

Watch the L904-MHX Fishing Rod Recipe:

Learn the L904-MHX Rod Recipe below:

2. The FP937-MHX Spinning Rod for Pitching & Bump Trolling Live Bait

You may recognize this MHX rod blank as a notorious bass snatcher, but believe it or not – The FP937 has the beefed up power yet perfect tip flex for sailfish and more exciting saltwater species!

This is a rod blank transplanted from one series into the offshore fishing battalion because it has the special rod specs and the resulting performance to do it.

The #FP937-MHX is usually reserved for no nonsense flipping and pitching in heavy cover, however, the same specs that make it a stud in freshwater translate perfectly to the demands of pitching and bump trolling live bait offshore.

For example, the 7’9” FP937 has a strategic taper and modulus that helps engineer this model into a Mod-Fast Action, XX-Heavy Power all-around beast of a fishing rod. When you’re pitching live baits, especially threadfin, it’s nice to know you can underhand pitch that bait out to keep them lively and more likely to get eaten.

When fishing circle hooks with live bait offshore, the Mod-Fast Action is key for sweeping the rod to the side and allowing the parabolic bend and length of the rod to go to work hooking the fish.

Another bonus of this FP937 build is the slim vertical jigging grips on the handle that allow you to keep a firm, comfortable grip on the rod even when prized sportfish peel off drag and take you for a ride.

Watch the FP937-MHX Fishing Rod Recipe:

Learn the FP937-MHX Saltwater Rod Recipe below:

Trust us, this rod will fight to turn the heads of the ocean’s fastest sailfish and bring ‘em boat side!

3. The Spiral Wrap 7’0” SW70MH Nearshore Saltwater Rod

The #SW70MH-MHX Saltwater Rod Blank is a Mod-Fast Action, Medium-Heavy Power blank that has led MHX in the heavy saltwater and offshore fishing communities for years.

This blank is the best choice for an all-around longer trolling rod, especially when bump trolling live baits. With its longer length and power, this rod is one of the most versatile models from the MHX Saltwater Series!

Plus, pair this awesome rod with the slim #FGVJ Vertical Jigging Grips for fast, easy removal from rod holders so you are ready as soon as your bait gets nervous.

Although we built the SW70MH for a conventional reel, we knew the torque that aggressive saltwater fish can put onto rods can twist the blank downward. This twist can actually lead to line crossing and touching the rod rather than the guide maintaining the line off of the rod.

With the help of rod building, we decided to spiral wrap, or acid wrap the guide train to help handle this type of torque and fight the fish as if it was a spinning rod all along.

Watch the SW70MH-MHX Fishing Rod Recipe:

Learn the SW70MH-MHX Rod Recipe below:

Now this rod is ready for the tug from billfish, mahi, kingfish, cobia, and so much more!

4. The Power Tip PTSW84M-MHX Conventional Saltwater Rod

This custom MHX Power Tip Saltwater Fishing Rod is built to land big game offshore and look even better doing it. Engineered with a tactical combination of graphite with a glass tip, the Power Tips easily outwork other trolling and live bait options to keep you hooked up and in control.

Catch sailfish, kingfish, dolphin, and more on this awesome custom saltwater rod!

Our power tip rod recipe features some incredible custom options, including a super grade cork fore grip rarely seen in the realm of saltwater rod building.

Not to mention, the stunning metallic blue thread work throughout and the rod components to match… This is one custom rod ready for its closeup.

Watch the PTSW84M-MHX Fishing Rod Recipe:

Learn the PTSW84M-MHX Rod Recipe below:

Follow our Offshore Rod Recipes or use all the knowledge provided above to tailor your high-performance saltwater rods to your fishing demands.

Rod building is more than a hobby, it’s the next level of preparation that takes anglers from wishing they had better equipment, to fishing confidently with rods built to succeed in the moment.

See these rod recipes in action on Mud Hole TV!

Mud Hole TV: Flippin for Sailfish

The Mud Hole Team heads down to South Florida with a boatload of custom rods in search of sailfish, kingfish, and more exciting saltwater species. Find out what fishing rods we recommend and see how they hold up against these legendary species offshore!

It’s time to put our MHX Saltwater Rod Blanks and a few more favorites to the ultimate test. Join us on Mud Hole TV to witness how each fishing rod recipe built in the Mud Hole workshop performs in sport fishing’s most legendary location… Stuart, Florida!

The mission of Mud Hole TV is to bring the rewards of rod building to the masses. Not only by teaching you how to build your own custom rods, but also by going out and catching fish with the very rods we built to do it.

Make the most of the rods you bring for big game by discovering what rod blanks and components are quintessential offshore.

Learn what it takes to build an offshore fishing rod capable of catching the fastest fish in the ocean… and more!