Mud Hole’s Custom Rod Building Resources

At Mud Hole, custom rod building goes beyond a nightly hobby or weekend craft, it’s a way of life. With decades of experience, Mud Hole’s staff is here to help any and every rod builder looking for more information.

From attending classes and watching videos to keeping up with Facebook Live shows and calling the help lines, Mud Hole offers a variety rod building resources whether you seek answers or assistance.

Take a Class at Mud Hole

At first, custom rod building and its equipment often seems intimidating. But don’t shy away because with the right instruction and repeated practice, anyone can become a rod builder. For those looking for an entry point into the custom rod building community, look no further than the rod building classes presented by Mud Hole’s finest.

Located in Orlando as well as other major cities across the nation, Mud Hole’s custom rod building classes make for a great weekend at the perfect price. These two-day rod building classes are led by professional rod builders, who have spent their entire lives in the industry and are eager to spread their passion on through tips, tricks, and techniques.

Besides the expert advice, rod building classes also come with over $100 worth of products and components to help build your custom fishing rod. Through the provided products and components paired with start-to-finish instructions, anyone can assemble their custom fishing rod and everyone will get hooked doing it.

Tune in to Mud Hole’s Facebook Live

Facebook Live features two hosts, Chris Adams and Gary Gillett who are qualified rod builders and avid fishermen that offer tips, tricks, and other key insights into the 30,000+ products available at Mud Hole Custom Tackle. Although these hosts often cut it up with their comedic banter, Chris and Gary mainly offer expert level advice on a variety of popular products, techniques, and topics from the custom rod building community.

Harnessing Facebook Live’s platform to open a public forum on custom rod building, Mud Hole exclusively offers the only interactive rod building experience in the industry. Whether providing demonstrations, answering viewer questions, or even offering helpful hints, Mud Hole’s Facebook Live show is produced to be a responsive interface that pleases the entire range of experience in the rod building community.

Gary, recognized by his mustache, reasons, “Being able to demo products and discuss how we use them through a live stream is incredibly helpful.” Chris nods in agreement before adding, “I find the more we talk about rod building, the more it provokes questions and commentary from customers that we can just answer right there on the spot.”

Despite being exclusively from Mud Hole, the live show and its hosts are very inclusive in that each episode caters to all customers regardless of their rod building experience. Balancing the pertinent questions faced by beginners such as guide selection and static deflection alongside the more veteran rod building concepts like marbling and power wrapping, Mud Hole’s live show is made by rod builders for rod builders.

Watch Mud Hole’s Videos

Tight schedules constrain time so if you’re busy but still want some visual assistance, Mud Hole’s archives of helpful videos are only a click away. Easily accessible on your own time, Mud Hole’s videos cover everything from the basics of rod building like installing handles and tip-tops to videos featuring higher levels of customization.

Call Mud Hole’s Help Line

The originality rod builders capture in each of their custom fishing rods is one of the greatest parts. Besides gearing the rod to perform optimally in its specific fishing application, there is something about making a fishing rod and knowing it doesn’t exist anywhere else on the market that makes it all quite rewarding.

For most rod builders, no two rods will look the same or even remotely similar. Considering there’s over 30,000 products available to choose from, the levels of customization are virtually infinite. Whether choosing the blank color, the colors for thread wraps, or even adding decals, a custom rod becomes whatever you imagine.

With all these options, questions are inevitable and Mud Hole’s help line staff wants to be there with support. Answering questions backed by decades of experience, the help line is all about customer service and solutions.

Simply dial 1-(866)-790-7637 or 1-(866)-790-RODS, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM or on Saturdays between 10 AM and 3 PM to speak with Mud Holes help line for assistance.

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