Mud Hole Announced as 2019 Sponsor of Pro Terry Scroggins

Oviedo, Florida – January 21, 2019 – Mud Hole’s newest sponsorship deal brings MLF Pro Angler, Terry Scroggins onto the custom rod building boat—Find out what the “Big Show” is building for 2019!

MLF Pro Adds Rod Building to Fishing Skills

Mud Hole is pleased to announce the addition of Pro Angler Terry Scroggins as a sponsored angler for the 2019 Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour. As Scroggins joins the MLF Bass Pro Tour, he also joins the rod building community that Mud Hole Custom Tackle is happy to supply and support.

“Rod building as a hobby as well as rod building to enhance fishing performance is growing tremendously, and although the popularity speaks for itself, it is truly a great opportunity to continue spreading our passion for rod building, fishing, and the outdoors with a professional as widely recognized as Terry Scroggins,” says Mud Hole’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Gregg Zambrovitz.

As a veteran on the pro circuit, Terry has had a stellar career to this point and rod building could be the ticket is take his legacy in professional bass fishing to new heights. By the numbers, Scroggins has finished in the money a whopping 137 times in 221 tournament appearances for almost $2 million dollars in career winnings.

That means 62% off all his tournament appearances have ended with a check to cash.

His career includes: 5 first place finishes, 6 second place finishes, 5 third place finishes, and 46 top 10 finishes. He has also amassed a career total bass weight of 6,793lb – 15oz.

How’s that for experience!

Now for Terry, rod building is going to be a great way to continue customizing his performance, “I’m excited about building my own rods because I’m a hands on guy anyway—I build a lot of my own baits, jigs, and things like that.”

When asked what got him interested in rod building, Scroggins quickly responds, “When it comes to building your own rod, you can make anything you want this way. There’s a lot a good enough rods, you can go to the store and buy a rod, but you know, you got to be satisfied with what you buy. When you build your own, you build it the way you want it.”

The options in rod building have really opened up a whole new door for Scroggins and his professional fishing career, as he explains, “Whether you make the handle however long you want it, you can space your guide configuration how you want, you make sure it’s on the spine—everything about it when you do it yourself, you just know it’s done right and that’s the confidence I want in my corner when I’m fishing on Sunday in the MLF Bass Pro Tour.”

New MHX Pro Tour Rods, Same Terry “Big Show” Scroggins

Professional bass fishing is shaping up for a competitive year, and fans of the sport as well as avid rod builders will be happy to hear Terry Scroggins is building and fishing his own custom MHX Pro Tour Rods.

MLF Pro, Terry Scroggins knows exactly what he’s looking for in his fishing rods and by building them himself—Scroggins guarantees the perfect performance out of each one!

From the Elite-X Series, to some strategic flippin’ sticks, crankbait rods, and more, this Florida native has a range of MHX Rods ready to tackle any big bass that bites.

Whether using worms, crankbaits, and jerkbaits, fishing more flippin’ and pitchin’ applications, or even looking for some all-purpose rods that can truly do it all, Terry has built the professional lineup his boat needs to chase first place across the country.

Plus, now you can build the same Terry Scroggins MHX Pro Tour Rods that he will fish on Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour!