MLF Pro Reveals Big Bass Rod Recipe

Catch up with Big Show at the start of Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour and check out his custom built MHX baitcasting rod recipe that cashed in the 7-pound, 9-ounce big bass on the Tour’s first stop at Sam Rayburn.

Terry “Big Show” Scroggins’ New Build for 2021

The Big Show that hardcore bass fishing fans know and love is back this year with plenty of new custom built fishing rods and a new build himself. Coming off the 2020 Tour, he decided it was time to make a change.

All the years of running and gunning in bass boats across America has really taken a toll on Scroggins’ knees and one in particular was ripe and ready for improvement. After a consultation or two, Big Show told the doc, “It’s time to rejuvenate this knee.”

The pair agreed on a total knee replacement. Although Terry knew that meant a steep recovery with a grueling regiment of rehab, he also knew it gave him the best odds against the tight competition on Tour.

With a long road to recovery, Big Show found plenty of time to build more fishing rods and pour his own custom plastics in anticipation for the 2021 Bass Pro Tour.

He even reserved a couple weekends to get a refractive lens replacement in each eye.

Now only three months off of a total knee replacement, he is feeling and moving better than ever. He’s got perfect vision in both eyes and he’s beyond excited to sight fish with his fresh peepers.

And on top of all that, Big Show has some new Pro Tour Rod Recipes to reveal!

The Big Bass Rod Recipe from Sam Rayburn

That’s right, Scroggins enters the 2021 Bass Pro Tour with a new knee, 20/20 vision, and some exclusive new rod recipes built on high-performance blanks from MHX Rods.

For example, fans of Major League Fishing met his Elite-X NMB843-MHX rod when Scroggins tied on his signature vibrating jig and in no time, boat flipped a hefty Sam Rayburn largemouth weighing in at 7-pounds, 9-ounces.

“I knew the vibrating jig would wack ‘em, but that fish about got me,” Terry joked before reenacting his smooth, deep hookset, “Luckily, I leaned on my Elite-X NMB843-MHX and we put the pressure on her until that Day 1 big bass title was all mine.”

Big Show punched his ticket for big bass and cashed in!

Not long after, he gave us the inside scoop on the MHX baitcaster he built to do it.

Check out Big Show’s Big Bass Rod Recipe below:

– Blank: #NMB843-MHX Elite-X Mag Taper

– Guides: #LZR-CAST1 LZR Light Casting Guide Set

– Tip Top: #BLZT-5-4.5 LZR Tip Top

– Fighting Butt: #BTC250 Winn Fighting Butt Grips 2.5″

– Rear Grip: #CS400 Winn Casting Swell

– Reel Seat: #GCRS-16-B CRB Premium Graphite Casting Seat

– Winding Check: #TWC16-11.0 Tapered Rubber Winding Check

– Hook Keeper: #ARHK CRB Arrow Drop Shot Hook Keeper

– Thread Wraps: #CFS-A-325 Fire Red ProWrap ColorFast

“Bob, I want this ColorFast thread, but in Toyota RED to match my truck, my boat, and my jersey!” Big Show says as he shops for the 2021 Bass Pro Tour. Scroggins loves to customize his rods for the upcoming season and this year, you will see all his thread wraps in a bold ColorFast Fire Red!

You can piece together your own custom fishing rods with the convenient component list above, or build this NMB843-MHX baitcaster in Terry Scroggins exclusive 2021 Pro Tour Rod Kits!