MHX Winn Grips Upgrade Performance, Comfort, and Style

MHX set out to design a new line of grips that could maintain its functional integrity in the face of weather’s harshest conditions. After forming a partnership with Winn and consulting the MHX pro anglers, the grip idea grew to become the high performing MHX WinnDry® Fishing Rod Grips.

MHX and Winn Introduce Weatherproof Grips

Throughout the design process, MHX focused on capturing a consistent performance, comfort, and style to withstand any weather. Aiming for a grip that anglers could trust whether in extreme rain, snow, or sunshine, MHX sought out advice from seasoned professionals. Bouncing prototypes between professional anglers and pro staff members, MHX then put that feedback into the grip’s updated designs.

Once the opportunity to work with Winn, acclaimed for their tennis and golf grips, arose, MHX gladly accepted the partnership. Rather than settling for standard grade EVA, MHX collaborated with Winn and their WinnDry® polymer technology to create fishing rod grips up for any challenge.

The Benefits Behind MHX Winn Grips

These MHX Winn Grips feature Winn’s patented WinnDry polymer material along with the highest level of performance, comfort, and style possible. Providing a tacky, non-slip texture that thrives in all weather conditions, MHX Winn Grips outperform all other concepts on the market.


Available in casting or spinning, these MHX Winn Grips are the perfect upgrade for your handle assembly.

The texture varies across the grip to guide your hand in place without having to take the time to look down. Furthermore, the texture brought by MHX and Winn allows anglers to confidently cast knowing that they have the utmost control. This confidence and control translates to stark increases in both casting length and accuracy.

Even in cold and wet climates, these grips excel all performance expectations without sacrificing comfort. With a strategic shape that fits into the contours of an angler’s palm, MHX Winn Grips add an unparalleled comfort to any fishing rod. Starting wide before tapering down as the grip extends up to the reel seat, this comfortable design controls the fight with that big fish and outlasts those long hours on the water.


The signature black and green MHX colors match the high performance expected with all MHX products.

The most visible bonus, both the performance and comfort are bolstered by the sharp MHX style. Boasting a bold black look with green accented grooves, the MHX WinnDry® Grips look great, but perform even better.

**Update: MHX Winn Grips Available in Jet Black**

Building off of performance and popularity, these Grips now include the all-new Jet Black MHX Grips. If you want a custom blacked out handle that performs in any weather, the all black option gives you an awesome look and feel to achieve both.

Available in Spinning and Casting combinations, get your hands on these Black MHX Winn Grips and unlock the ultimate performance against the worst of weather.

Improve Your Custom Handle Assembly

Available in split grips for either spinning or casting combinations, these grips adapt to improve rod performance regardless of the intended fishing application or environmental circumstances. One popular option for a lightweight yet high performing handle assembly is the Fuji SK2 Reel Seat and the MHX WinnDry® Grips Kit designed to improve it.


Combining the minimalism of the SK2 Reel Seat and the control of the weatherproof MHX Winn Grips, creates a lethal handle assembly that fish should fear.

These particular MHX Winn Grips are exclusively made to complement the SK2 Reel Seat. Not only does the weatherproof polymer enhance your performance, it does so without adding any significant bulk or weight to the overall blank. This combination preserves the minimalist nature of the Fuji SK2 Reel Seat that makes it a best-seller while also dramatically increasing the level of angler control whether casting, hooking, or fighting fish.


Inexpensive yet invaluable, these grips revolutionize fishing in all climates and conditions. Whether discussing the MHX WinnDry® Grip’s ability to boost your performance, comfort, or style, the point is that they are an upgrade worthy of any angler’s handle assembly. From the foregrip down to the fighting butt, MHX Winn Grips provide one more way to fish well and one more reason to fish MHX.

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