MHX Rod Blanks Win FLW Collegiate Southeast Regional

Mud Hole is a proud sponsor of our local University of Central Florida, who took first place recently in the FLW Collegiate Southeast Regional Championship.

One of the leading UCF fisherman was Hunter McKamey, and we caught up with Hunter recently to talk about his recent tournaments, and what he used to win the championship.

(Check out the video below)

“Hey guys, Hunter McKamey here. We just got back from a 2-week road trip. We had two back-to-back college tournaments.

The first one was on Lake Crescent, Florida. This was for the FLW Collegiate Southeast Regional. We placed first in this tournament. Practice was tough due to the weather being up and down. We found some really nice fish in an area called Dunn’s Creek, just off the St. John’s River. For that tournament we used an MHX-FP885. This is a 7’4” heavy action flipping rod. I have it set up with a full length WINN Grip. I am in love with the WINN grips.

They are really comfortable to fish with all day. I have been using the full-length grips on my flipping rods. It’s still really lightweight and comfortable to fish with all day. What I like best about this FP885 is it’s a little bit shorter at 7’4”, but if you are fishing really close quarters like fishing docks or cypress trees, like we were, you can make very accurate pitches, especially with a lighter weight like a 1/2oz. This rod will handle anything with a 1/2oz to ¾oz and even up to an ounce; the 885 is really great for that.

I have this rod rigged with a 1/2 oz Gambler Why Not flipping bait. It’s in a black and blue color called “backatya.” This is a really good color for flipping in Florida year around.

Switching gears, going up to the next event, which was at Lake Martin, in Alabama. This was for the B.A.S.S. Southern Regional. We ended up placing 12th at this 3-day tournament. The second day we had a great bag of spotted bass weighing in at 13lb 10oz. One of the rods we used was a HM-MB863XF.

This is one of the new extra fast high mod blanks. We used a shaky head for this set-up, with is a simple finesse worm like a Gambler Sweebo on a 3/8oz or 1/4oz shaky head. This is a really great blank for this application with its super sensitive tip and good action.

Another technique we used was a Carolina rig with a 1/2oz to 3/4oz weight. We did this with the MB873 High Mod blank. Again, anytime you are fishing Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, or any technique you need a lot of sensitivity, you should try out a high Mod blank; you will fall in love with them. Those were the two models we used in this tournament.

Like I said, it was a blast to catch the Lake Martin spotted bass. Our 12th place finish allowed us to qualify for the National Championship. That’s a little wrap up for our two-week adventure. Check out these rod models. The FP885, the HM-863XF, and the HM-MB873. You guys will love them! Take care, guys.”

–Hunter McKamey