Marbling’s Mark on Custom Rod Building

Besides providing the optimal performance, custom fishing rods are also championed for their aesthetic appeal and marbling is one of the most popular enhancements on the market. When it comes to aesthetic excellence and originality, marbling is the easiest way to take your rod from average to extraordinary.

Marbling Makes Your Rod Unique

From marbling butt wraps and guide wraps to everything in between, Mud Hole offers individual marbling products as well as two inclusive kits with all the essentials. Whether you need to stock up on marbling supplies, purchase a Starter Marbling Kit or even a Professional Marbling Kit, Mud Hole is the one stop shop that’s always here to help.

Leave Boring Store Rods Behind

Walking through the fishing aisle of your local sporting goods store, what do you see? If your answer is fishing lures, just turn around because it’s the rows and rows of identical rods holstered in assortments across the wall we’re talking about. Although a manufactured rod may please those in the market for good enough, custom fishing rods truly bring your dream fishing pole to reality.

Being able to identify and differentiate between your custom fishing rods when they are designed and built for specific fishing applications is a huge benefit. Fishing with manufactured rods is one thing, but the pride of catching fish with a high performance custom rod that also looks cool is next to none.

Marbling makes any fishing rod visually pop because it’s impossible to ever create the same pattern twice.

Since each marbled fishing rod is more unique than the last, it’s both a popular and addictive decorative practice.

Capture the Ultimate Marbled Look

For rod builders, appearance certainly isn’t everything. But with that said, there’s nothing like winning a fierce fight with a big fish on a custom rod that performs as awesome as it looks. Done with only epoxy and pigment powder plus a few minor tools, marbling is a fun and simple way to make your fishing rod truly one-of-a-kind.

The Starter Marbling Kit features the five most popular pigments: electric blue, emerald green, red, black, and silver.

Learning where to get started in marbling seems intimidating, but with CRB’s Starter Marbling Kit, you get everything you need to begin marbling in one bundle. In addition to ProKöte’s two-part epoxy (2 oz. each) and five of CRB’s pearl metallic powder marbling pigments (3g each), the Starter Marbling Kit includes ten mixing cups, ten mixing sticks, and a two-piece syringe set (3cc each).

Pick Your Marbling Pigments

CRB’s marbling pigments are a non-toxic powder that can be used alone or mixed with other pigments for added effects. To mix pigments, simply add intended colors to separate epoxies before mixing them both together to get the best results.

If there are other colors you want to add to your custom marbling, Mud Hole offers CRB’s pearl metallic powder in 32 additional pigments.

CRB’s pearl metallic powder marbling pigments can be purchased individually.

Choose the Right Epoxy Build

Combining the pigments with an epoxy, the build level of finish determines the thickness and whether the pigments will accidentally blend to become more obscure, or remain separate and distinguishable colors during the marbling process.

ProKöte’s medium build epoxy, included in the Starter Marbling Kit, provides the perfect balance between curing and working time. Keeping individual colors separate to preserve their vivid appearance, medium build is the ideal level for marbling beginners.

The Marbling and Epoxy Mixing Palette is also a great tool for keeping control of pigments during the application process.

More tips and tricks for completing magnificent marbling patterns are available in Mud Hole’s third installment of Facebook Live. From techniques to tools, this Mud Hole Live segment is the perfect visual aid to complement any range of marbling endeavor.

Marbling is the coolest way to take your custom rod that final step in becoming functional art so don’t forget, Mud Hole has all the latest products to help you do it…