John Cox Wins 2nd Straight Flip-Off Trophy

Recap all the excitement of American Tackle’s 2017 Flip-Off and see how Mud Hole Pro John Cox captured his second straight title.

Cox Conquers iCast Flip-Off Competition

American Tackle put on it’s annual Flip-Off at iCast and once again, the event was a roaring success. Featuring popular pro anglers and incredible giveaways, the American Tackle Flip-Off livened up the iCast crowd with one of the show’s best events. Stop by Mud Hole to check out the finest American Tackle Blanks and Components available.

American Tackle’s flippin’ game is simple, there’s two separate boards and each has a central ringer worth 3-points as well as larger nearby holes worth 1-point. Anglers stand on stage and flip a weighted bag onto the board hoping to score more points than their competitor.

After a minute of rapid fire flippin’, the pro with the most points moves on until one champion is crowned.

The popular competition has taken iCast by storm. Shifting attention from the many booths to the pro anglers on center stage, the flip-off competition is fun to watch because of the superior talents of the nation’s best anglers.

From FLW to the Bassmaster Elite Series, pros from all over the country gathered to see who could flip their way to the 2017 trophy.

The Flippin’ Floridian Prepares for the FLW Cup

John Cox, the Florida native and reigning champion from last year’s iCast, definitely didn’t disappoint. Winning his way to the semi-final, Cox was nothing but smiles as he approached his second straight title.

In the semi-final match, he battled back to overwhelm his opposition, but the final match looked even tougher as David Dudley just couldn’t miss. Dudley, who flipped the tournament’s highest score in the semi-final round, had the hot hand going into the championship.

Surrounded by a loud crowd of excited fans and onlooking anglers, the stage was set for the 2017 Flip-Off finale.

Once again standing on the championship stage, John Cox quickly found himself down by a large margin with just 30 seconds left. But, if you know John Cox, you should know to never count him out, especially in a flippin’ competition.

John’s cool and collected presence on the water was no different than his demeanor on the stage. After a slow start, John Cox put together an impressive display of calm, calculated flips that not only overtook the lead, but also sealed his second straight flip-off victory.

Ben Stein of American Tackle delivers Mud Hole Pro John Cox his second straight Flip-Off Championship Trophy.

Looking over the iCast crowd, John hoisted the trophy to celebrate his achievement with the fans hollering his name. There was certainly something special about his second straight flip-off title, but maybe that was the hint that this won’t be the only back to back championships John Cox wins this year.

The reigning Forrest Wood Cup Champion looks for a repeat performance next month as the FLW season comes to a close on Lake Murray.

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