John Cox Talks Custom Rod Building and Repair

Coming off his championship at the Forrest Wood Cup, John Cox recalls how custom rod building and repair changed his fishing, his season, and ultimately, his life.

Top 3 Takeaways From John Cox

Ready for the next FLW Tour, John Cox is primed for an even better year as the only reigning champion who builds and repairs his own rods in the first installment of this four-part documentary, John Cox: Building a Champion.

John Cox emerged victorious from the Forrest Wood Cup and everyone in fishing is eager to learn more from FLW’s Champion custom fisherman.

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Here are the top 3 takeaways from the first segment of John Cox: Building a Champion:

1. Repairing Broken Rods

Growing up, John Cox was always running way up into creeks to find the perfect fishing paradise, but those adventures were awfully rough on his equipment, causing him to break a lot of rods. “I knocked a lot of guides off in trees, and ended up just throwing a lot of them out,” John Cox painfully admits.

Whether knocking off guides or fishing with the ceramic ring missing from inside the guide, Cox found himself frequently losing fish to rod failure. Needing a fix to propel both his equipment and his fishing ability to the next level, John Cox met Mud Hole Custom Tackle. Cox smiles as he explains, “it would have been amazing if I knew what I know now about rod repair,” and with “all the stuff at Mud Hole, we could’ve fixed most of those rods.”

2. Custom Rod Building

Although at first rod building and the equipment it takes was intimidating, Cox found through practice that he learned more about his fishing rods and likewise, his fishing style through these custom rod builds. Cox found, “the more I build rods, the more I learn what I’m doing,” and most importantly, “it’s helping my fishing.”

Now, the more he builds, the more confidence he feels in both his rod building and his fishing ability. John Cox knows that the experience he gained from building more and more in turn helps his understanding of not only his fishing rods, but also his fishing styles.

3. The Custom Fishing Experience

When asked about the experience of fishing with a custom rod, John Cox grins and describes, “The awesome thing about rod building is that I’ll build a rod that’s perfect for the way I fish, and the way I work that bait, and the line and everything.”

This embodies exactly what custom rod building is all about, making a rod that is tailored to your fishing ability, style, and performance.

John Cox goes on, “if you want a longer handle you can do it, if you need a stiffer rod because you set the hook soft, or if you need a more parabolic bend,” the options for custom rod building are “endless.” With endless possibilities, the sky is limit for John Cox and custom rod building so we at Mud Hole are incredibly excited to see him take it there.

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