Introducing The New Winn Fishing Grips

Introducing The New Winn Fishing Grips

Finally, a fresh take on fishing rod grips!

Winn’s superior polymer grip technology puts control and comfort quite literally in the angler’s hand and provides tacky sure-grip security even in cold and wet conditions!

Winn Grip Examples

Winn Grip Examples

What Makes Winn Special?

Winn is the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer rod grips to fishermen.

Winn uses multiple polymer compounds that are actually tackier, and more comfortable than traditional rubber.  Each polymer is uniquely formulated to achieve a different firmness, texture and weight to satisfy the individual needs of each fisherman and fishing application.

Because Winn has been producing grips in other sports areas (like Golf), Winn has learned that the more comfortable and slip-resistant the grips are – the less stress there is on the participant’s hands and body.

This means that when using Winn grips, the participants were able to lighten up grip pressure, increase control, enhance accuracy, distance, sensitivity and performance over extended periods of participation.

Specific to fishermen, the end result is longer casts, increased sensitivity, reduced fatigue, heightened casting accuracy and, above all, increased hours of enjoyment and high-performance fishing!

Winn Grip Wrapping Technologies

One technology or production process does not always meet all performance demands.  Here are different production technologies Winn uses to create their fishing grips.



AVS is Winn’s patented single-panel wrapping method.  A sheet of polymer grip material encloses the underlisting lengthwise, resulting in a vertical seam that seals the grip on the backside.  AVS Technology features no overlap of materials and a virtually seamless appearance and feel.  Winn’s AVS rod grips are also very easy to install.



Winn’s original and still very popular wrapping method.  As opposed to the AVS single vertical seam construction, spiral wrap technology uses a long, narrow strip of polymer that is hand-wrapped onto the grip.  It provides a unique contoured feel for ultimate tackiness and comfort.



AI Technology provides the ability to combine different materials, colors, textures and degrees of firmness on rod grips.  AI Technology strategically positions Winn’s advanced materials in critical grip areas for optimum levels of tackiness, cushion, and feel where they are needed most!

WinnDry Polymar Technology

What It Does:

  • Provides tacky, non-slip performance in all weather conditions including rain, snow and sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Provides comfort and control; varied textures provide support and grip comfort where they are needed most!

Angler Benefits:

  • All-day comfort
  • Supreme control
  • Longer, more accurate casting
  • Control when fighting big fish

Get Your Winn Grips Today at Mud Hole

Winn Grips at Mud Hole

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