Improving any Fishing Rod and Adding Custom Threadwork

Tune in the Mud Hole’s April 20 Episode of Facebook Live to find out 3 ways to improve any fishing rod, watch an exclusive butt wrap demo, and as always, catch up on all the custom rod building questions in the comments.

Mud Hole Facebook Live From April 20

This installment of Facebook Live is all about easy improvements for any fishing rod. Whether it’s replacing guides, enhancing grips, applying decals, or wrapping decorative threadwork, Mud Hole Live is back to help you.

Check out the exclusive butt wrap demo on Facebook Live:

Mud Hole wants to support you with all your rod improvements, so stay tuned to Facebook Live for more advice and all the answers to your burning rod building questions!

Catch After Hours for 3 Ways to Improve any Fishing Rod

Every angler has those time-tested fishing rods more than deserving of a performance boost, a repair, or even a face lift. Don’t just quit on those old favorites, instead watch Mud Hole After Hours for 3 ways to improve your fishing rod, and renew its performance.

Watch Episode 3 of Mud Hole’s After Hours TV:

And read our blog for more tips on regripping your worn rods, replacing fishing rod guides, and adding decorative trim bands!

Planning Threadwork and Organizing Tools

Before you sit down to start your butt wrap, it’s important to plan what kind of decorative wrap you want. Forecasting the butt wrap design ensures it is completed with the ultimate precision for a professional improvement that really wows on the water.

Here are the factors of butt wraps you should consider:
• Color scheme
• Length of butt wrap
• Number of sides for the wrap
• How many patterns in your design
• Spacing of each pattern
• Available time
• Time dedicated to butt wrap

Once the design and the other factors are solved, make sure you have all the tools you need for the job.

You will need the tools below for your butt wrap:
• Thread or braid
• Color Preserver
• Razor
• Burnishing tool
• Masking tape
• China marker

CRB Butt Wrap Starter Kit

If this list seems like a bit much to maintain, make it simple by grabbing your Butt Wrap Starter Kit now!

Since it includes the CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool, you can streamline the process of laying out and aligning even the most complex decorative wraps. Featuring a V-notch base that cradles and centers the blank, the Butt Wrap Alignment Tool uses an attached aluminum straight edge to line up the crosses of a butt-wraps on any axis with ease.

The Butt Wrap Starter Kit provides all the tools you need for awesome butt wraps, but in one convenient bundle. From the CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool and decorative braid, to all the tools listed above, this kit includes everything you need to make decorative butt wraps easier than ever before.

The Butt Wrap Starter Kit includes everything you need to complete your own awesome butt wraps.

Don’t forget to check out the Facebook Live from April 20 for some awesome improvements, an exclusive butt wrap demo, and all the rod building knowledge you could hope for.

And as always, Mud Hole has all the resources you need to build the custom rod of your dreams, so get started building today!