How To Replace A Tip Top Guide

Replacing a broken tip top is easy.  Just follow these 6 simple steps and you will back to fishing in no time!

Install Tip Top In 6 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Heat and remove broken tip top guide
Step 2 – Measure the replacement tube size or just buy a kit
Step 3 – Insert adhesive sliver into tip top tube
Step 4 – Heat tip top tube to melt the adhesive
Step 5 – Twist the tip top on the rod blank
Step 6 – Align with other guides.

Tip:  If adhesive dries and tip top is out of alignment, just heat and remove tip top and start again!

Tip 2:  Buying a tip top kit is an easy way to get the sizes you need.

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Step By Step Illustration:

Here is an easy to follow illustration of how to install a tip top guide on a fishing rod.

Let’s get started!

Buy a tip top repair kit today and get back to fishing!