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From discussing handle materials and complete kits, to reviewing the best tips for installing your grips, Mud Hole’s Facebook Live from Wednesday February 22 is here to help you get a grip! Backed by decades of experience and an incredible inventory, Mud Hole’s Facebook Live is an awesome resource for all rod builders.

Facebook Live from Wednesday February 22

Mud Hole’s Handle Selection

Getting a grip for your custom fishing rod is all about balancing performance and comfort without sacrificing any style points.

There are many grip options, so a good place to start is the material itself. Whether you choose cork, EVA, carbon fiber, or Winn, each grip brings its own benefits to your fishing experience. Knowing each grip material has unique attributes and advantages, these are very important to consider when building your own custom fishing rod.

For instance, many anglers, often from the Tennessee region, love the look and feel of cork grips. Nothing says classic more than cork, but since cork is semi-porous, it allows contaminants to penetrate its structure.

Deteriorating the grip from the inside, cork requires some extra protection and U-40 Cork Seal is the best solution! Cork seal outworks your environment to keep that cork feeling brand new for life.

To find out more about the awesome benefits of Cork Seal, read our blog…

Cork Seal is just one preventative measure that preserves fishing rod grips, there are many more tips and tricks for all handles so check out Facebook Live’s Get a Grip episode from Feb. 22!

Complete Handle Kits are a quick and easy way to choose your custom handle assembly.

Complete Handle Kits are a quick and easy way to choose your custom handle assembly.

Cork Fishing Grips

Cork is obviously popular for its classic look, but it’s also a fishing favorite for its consistent weight, comfort, and performance.

Available individually or in complete kits, cork handles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect setup for you!

EVA Fishing Grips

In the beginning of EVA, it was too soft and spongy. Soaking up water while fishing, old EVA grips would quickly grow mold and waste away.

Today’s EVA scores much higher on the durometer. Meaning EVA now maintains its comfortable feel, while adding more density and durability for a firmer handle.

Not only is modern EVA material improved for performance, it’s also even easier to work with. From installing and shaping, to fishing and storing, EVA brings many awesome benefits to your angling experience.

CFX Carbon Fiber Fishing Grips

When it comes to grips, CFX Carbon Fiber’s high performance is very hard to beat. Ultra-lightweight and super durable, CFX Carbon Fiber handles provide superior sensitivity without sacrificing strength.

CFX Carbon Fiber Grips make top quality handles that are as easy to customize as they are to install. Available in many shapes, sizes, and setups, CFX Carbon Fiber is sure fit for enhancing your fishing rod.

Pro angler and Forrest Wood Cup Champion, John Cox loves the supreme performance of CFX Carbon Fiber and with his Pro Tour Rod Kits, you can too!

Winn Fishing Grips

Known originally for golf and tennis grips, Winn has now made massive waves in the angling industry. Winn Grips rely on their unique polymer that is known to bring an unbeatable performance in any weather or environment.

Winn Grips Banner

Whether fishing in rain, snow, or sunshine, Winn’s polymer material outlasts even the harshest weather conditions.

Featured Fishing Grip

MHX Winn Grips are the ultimate combination of comfort, performance, and style. MHX Winn Grips are a valuable asset to any custom handle and now on sale, these incredible grips are discounted for a deal that’s impossible to beat.

From the impenetrable polymer material to its signature black and green design, MHX Winn Grips bring the ultimate performance in any weather conditions.

Not to mention, MHX Winn Grips are the trusted handles for Mud Hole Pros Brandon Lester, Bradley Roy, and Blake Smith.

Remember to tune in to our latest Facebook Live and visit Mud Hole for all your rod building needs!