Fuji IPSM & VSSM Spinning Reel Seats

On paper and online, these two Fuji reel seats appear to be the same, but in person there are a few distinguishing details that will help identify the best reel seat for your rod.

Fuji Fishing Rod Components

By now, most rod builders recognize Fuji for producing high quality fishing rod components like reel seats, guides, grips, and more.

But next to quality, it also helps to identify the reasons behind each Fuji products’ design. While some products like Fuji’s K-Guides are widely recognized for benefits like rapid reduction, other components slide into the market with less detailed information.

This is definitely the case for many reel seats because designs can subtly change yet you may not notice where one seat slims down and another seat widens out. Especially true when shopping online, sometimes it can be hard to identify which reel seat will better suit you and truly put the best performance in your palm.

The Difference Between Fuji IPSM & VSSM Reel Seats

Fuji reel seats are high quality graphite components engineered for the various preferences of rod builders across the board.

But often two reel seats such as the IPSM and VSSM arise, but leave many rod builders wondering… what is the difference?

Although both reel seats fit into specific rear grips for an awesome look and an even better feel, each model brings different characteristics that you should consider. For the sake of comparison, we will look at both reel seat models in size 16.

The Fuji IPSM Reel Seat

Shorter and wider than the VSSM, the Fuji IPSM actually swells where the angler’s palm grasps the handle for an increased ergonomic feel. The IPSM uses the swell design for added comfort and control under your palm that will in turn boost rod performance.

This swelling characteristic marries excellently with the RGQL-S85/C grip because this grip has a reverse taper. This reverse taper allows the grip to go from a slightly smaller butt end to a wider opening at the top for a perfect fit onto the IPSM.

Since both swell to accurately slide into each other, the Fuji IPSM reel seat and RGQL-S85/C grip make for a handle assembly that performs as good as it looks.

Plus, the unique design of the IPSM Standard Reel Seat allows it to double as a casting or spinning seat by simply adding a casting trigger. This added versatility makes the IPSM a perfect item to stock for rod builders and hobbyists alike.

IPSM16 Reel Seat Specifications

Model: IPSM16

Length: 4.213” (107mm)

Inner Diameter: 0.591” (15mm)

Outer Diameter: 0.984” (25mm)

The Fuji VSSM Reel Seat

Compared to the IPSM, the Fuji VSSM Reel Seat is a little longer, yet feels much slimmer in your palm. The slimmed down design of the VSSM is popular for ultra-light setups, but since larger sizes are available, this setup is also the perfect fit for heavier rod blanks as well.

The slim, smooth streamlined shape provides increased ergonomic comfort to get the optimum cork feel with a superb fit for the angler’s hand, while the curved hood supports the hand and fingers from the first cast to the last catch.

This increased comfort and support leads to a much better rod performance!

The VSSM Reel Seats are lightweight, extremely tough and designed with a unique “collar” that not only looks stylish, but protects and reinforces cork in critical areas near the seat.

Like the design behind the IPSM, the VSSM also slides perfectly into the BGV grip for an incredibly light and effective handle assembly.

The BGV grip is available in EVA and Cork options.

TIP: Make sure the reel seat size and grip size match up, 16 to 16 or 17 to 17, etc.

VSSM16 Reel Seat Specifications

Model: VSSM16

Length: 4.724” (120mm)

Inner Diameter: 0.512” (13mm)

Outer Diameter: 0.709” (18mm)

Split-Grip Options for Fuji VSSM

In addition to the BGV grip, there are also split-grip options in both cork and EVA that fit perfectly with the VSSM.

Contoured Foregrip in EVA or Cork

FGV Cork Split-Grip with Rubberized Cork

Handle Kits for Fuji VSSM

These kits include the fore grip, fighting butt with composite trim, Fuji VSS reel seat with specially contoured to-fit rear grip and an assortment of 6 winding checks to cover installation on just about any rod blank.

Just choose the right reel seat size and start building your next handle!

Split-Grip VSS Spinning Handle Kit 16mm

Split-Grip VSS Spinning Handle Kit 17mm

Choosing the Right Reel Seat for Your Rod

The power of custom rod building is in choosing what rod components best fit you.

Regardless of your fishing application, there are reel seats available that not only upgrade ergonomic comfort and feel, but also reduce weight and increase performance.

Find the best reel seat for your next build below!