FLW Pro John Cox Teaches Youth Rod Building Class

Take an inside look at Mud Hole and FLW Pro, John Cox instructing a rod building class for young anglers and their friends at the FLW youth fishing camp in Ken Lake State Park, Kentucky.

Pro Bass Angler Shares Rod Building Knowledge

FLW hosted a youth angler camp in Ken Lake State Park, Kentucky, and John Cox brought along some tips of the trade to teach these aspiring anglers about the many benefits of custom rod building.

From finding the spine of a rod blank and spacing out rod guides, to wrapping guides with thread and applying two-part epoxy finish, Cox covered all the topics of a rod building course with some lucky young anglers, their parents, and their fishing coaches.

The Benefits of Building Custom Fishing Rods

Not only is rod building a rewarding craft to learn and teach, but it’s also an insightful way to fine tune and improve fishing rod performance.

In the same way anglers tinker with different baits to see what works, rod builders add another layer of custom capabilities to their fishing rods in order to catch more fish. Since catching more fish is the name of the game for John Cox and the aim of many weekend warriors out there, why not try a building the best fishing rod for the job?

From different fishing applications and fisheries, to all the proven techniques to catch ’em, you can build the fishing rods with the perfect performance to match!

John Cox Passes on Gift of Custom Rod Building

For those who know FLW Pro John Cox, he is far more than a bass angler and rod builder… He is also an incredible father.

Raising two daughters and competing against some of the nation’s best bass anglers seems daunting, but John manages to do all of the above with a huge smile on his face. In his down time away from the FLW Tour, Cox enjoys spending time with his daughters, teaching them to build rods, and of course, taking them fishing.

Watch the Cox Family Fish for Smallmouth Bass:

Let’s just say, a family that builds rods together, also catches a lot of fish together!

Young Anglers Attend John Cox Rod Building Class

Besides raising a family of his own, John is also known to share his tips and tricks for rod building to young aspiring anglers. His latest venture was in Kentucky, where he drove up from Florida to teach groups of youth campers how to build their own fishing rods and why it is so effective for catching limits day in and day out on tour.

The fishing knowledge that comes along with learning to build custom rods provides anglers with another way to strategize and compete at a much higher level.

For the excited campers of FLW, it was certainly a pleasant surprise to learn all about rod building from the man who won the Forrest Wood Cup using fishing rods he built with his own bare hands.

Happy to share everything he knows, Cox taught young anglers about the importance of preparation in fishing through the lens of rod building. An exclusive opportunity that many fans would love to experience, these excited campers learned the ins and outs of rod building with the Forrest Wood Cup champion himself.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Custom Rod Builders:

How John Cox and Mud Hole Built a Champion

The story of the sight fishing phenom turned bass fishing champion is one that John Cox is happy to share. That’s mostly because its the only life he’s ever known—and so far—it’s been a dream come true for the DeBary, FL native.

Making ends meet on the professional bass fishing circuit can certainly be a challenge, but John road hard work, custom rod building, and some sight fishing secrets to the pinnacle of the FLW Tour and beyond.

If you’ve ever spoken to John Cox about rod building, there’s a very good chance he told you, “I never knew that I was fishing the wrong rods until I started building and fishing the right ones.”

This couldn’t be more true since John Cox started fishing out of Florida, and the conditions of Florida’s waterways are much different than those of lakes and rivers around the country. But once John got a few builds under his belt and started fishing with his newfound custom confidence, he quickly rose the ranks to become one of the fiercest competitors on the pro bass fishing circuit.

In fact, it was this confidence that pushed Cox to build more rods and tailor the performance of each rod to match the diverse characteristics of fisheries around the country on the FLW Tour.

Now with a Forrest Wood Cup in his living room and his first appearance in the Bassmaster Classic in the books, we’d reckon this whole rod building thing is working out pretty well!

Watch John Cox: Building a Champion

Start Building Your Own Custom Fishing Rods

The secret to rod building success is out and now with Turnkey Rod Building Kits, it’s easier than ever to catch the performance driven movement of custom rod building.

Whether you fish for bass like the great John Cox, or find your favorite fish in saltwater, shallow streams, and more, rod building brings proven solutions to the demands of your fishing application!