How FLW Pro John Cox Handles Fishing Pressure

See how pro angler John Cox uses rod building to stay calm and collected in the midst of FLW’s fiercest bass fishing competition.

Fishing with the Confidence of Custom Built Rods

Although John Cox has always been an easy going guy, it’s his comfort and confidence fishing his own custom built rods that allows him to truly be himself on the water. Whether fishing the challenging conditions of Florida, New York, or even Canada, John Cox and his skills have grown to become quite the force in competitive bass fishing regardless of the location.

While most anglers are scatterbrained and scurrying to figure out the next bite, Cox stays cool because he knows he has built an arsenal of bass rods perfectly dialed-in for lures he chooses to throw.

How does this help on the FLW Tour?

For John, it’s almost like knowing the answer before even thinking of the question.

Born in raised in DeBary, Florida, John Cox is a natural when it comes to sight fishing. But as he’s built more and more rods, he’s also added an impressive variety of skills to his fishing game.

Photo courtesy of Chris Brown from @anglerschannel on Instagram

These additional skills alongside the perfect fishing rods for the job have allowed Cox to quickly cycle through his tackle and identify exactly what adjustments he needs to make in order to be successful. Thinking and adapting at a fraction of a second in the tournament’s most crucial moments, John often blisters the competition without even breaking a sweat…

Well he still sweats, it’s just not from pressure—you know what we mean!

Watch John Cox Get in His Fishing Groove:

Even though John came up just short of his second Forrest Wood Cup Championship, he finished in the Top 10 of FLW’s toughest competition and that certainly isn’t easy.

Plus, we feel pretty good about his odds using his custom MHX Pro Tour Rods again next year!