FAQ For Custom Rod Building Classes

This blog answers the most common questions asked about our rod building classes.

Earn Your Certified Custom Rod Building Diploma

Has rod building always been on your list of to-do’s?

Well don’t put this calling off any longer, take a rod building class and learn everything you need to know to build better fishing rods. From customizing appearance and performance to fitting the handle assembly to your ideal fishing grip, there is no shortage of benefits that come directly from building your own custom rods.

Completing the rod building class not only gives you all the knowledge to build your own fishing rods, it also comes with your first rod build and a certified custom rod building diploma!

Rod Building Class FAQ:

How Does Rod Building Classes Work?

Class, weekend getaway… this opportunity is whatever you make it!

Mud Hole’s rod building classes are two day events that bring experts and professionals straight to a city near you.

By providing their rod building knowledge and answering all of your questions, these classes provide an excellent resource for avid anglers to find a new passion… rod building!

Day 1 Schedule:

Well you have to start somewhere and day 1 is an awesome intro to rod building.

Covering all the basics from spining the rod blank and selecting the right components to reaming the grips, placing and wrapping the guides, applying the epoxy finish, and everything in between, day 1 is the perfect launching point for anyone interested in learning the craft.

Speaking from experience, these classes are excellent because the hands on instruction truly minimizes the learning curve for beginners who are looking to build their first rod, and many, many more.

Plus, you get to build your very own fishing rod right then and there!

Day 2 Schedule:

To start, the class instructors will answer any lingering questions from leftover from day 1 and then kick off day 2 with some advanced skills demonstrations.

Going beyond the basics, these demos can be anything from marbling and basic weaving to customizing inlays and cork handles.

Day 2 is a lot of fun and a real treat for future rod builders.

Not to mention, you get a certified rod building diploma and that’s pretty darn cool too.

What Fishing Rod Do You Build in the Class?

This question comes up many, many times for folks looking to take our rod building class and rightfully so.

In the past, classes only built spinning rods. But now, our rod building classes will offer your choice of building either a spinning rod or a casting rod.

What About the Rod Blank?

For the first build, the class provides an IS661 Spin/Cast Rod Blank in gloss black.

The IS661M-GBK blank is 6’6”, has a line weight of 8-15 lb, a lure rating of 1/4-3/4 oz, a medium power and a moderate-fast action.

This rod blank builds a great starter rod because it’s as fun to fish as it is to build!

What Else is Included in the Rod Building Class?

In addition to taking home your first custom fishing rod, the class also features over $100 in products.

These products include:

  • CRB Hand Wrapper
  • Rod Blank
  • Reel Seat
  • Handle
  • Guides
  • Tip Top
  • Thread
  • Decals

Now that’s value!

Where Can I Take the Rod Building Class?

One of the greatest benefits of custom rod building, is the community that it creates.

And because there are so many rod builders, anglers, and craftsman interested across the nation, Mud Hole works to host a rod building class in cities closest to you.

While it may not be in your basement or garage, these classes are often only a truck ride away and the whole event can make for a great getaway.

***Class schedule updated with new locations on 5/11/2018***

Now Find a Rod Building Class near YOU!

San Diego, California—5/5/2018

Seattle, Washington—5/19/2018

Orlando, Florida—6/2/2018

Mobile, Alabama—8/25/2018

St. Louis, Missouri—9/8/2018

Phoenix, Arizona—9/22/2018

Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas—10/6/2018

Orlando, Florida—10/20/2018

Grand Rapids, Minnesota—11/3/2018

Orlando, Florida—1/12/2019

Clark, New Jersey—1/19/2019

Charlotte, North Carolina—2/2/2019

Milwaukee, Wisconsin—2/16/2019

Virginia Beach, Virginia—3/2/2019

Orlando, Florida—3/16/2019

Syracuse, New York—3/30/2019

Houston, Texas—4/13/2019

Louisville, Kentucky—4/27/2019

Taunton, Massachusetts—5/18/2019

Los Angeles, California—6/1/2019

Orlando, Florida—6/15/2019

How Long are Rod Building Classes?

Classes are held on a consecutive Saturday and Sunday starting on the dates provided above.

Saturday’s class time is 9am to 7pm and Sunday is 9am to 12pm, both days’ times are according to local time in that particular city.

Why Take Our Custom Rod Building Course?

Taking a rod building class gives you a firsthand look at how and why rods are constructed the way they are. More importantly, it provides the insight to understand why your go-to rod is your favorite, and how you can duplicate or improve upon that particular set up.

Additional Benefits of the Rod Building Class:

  • See how and why to spine your blank
  • Learn proper guide spacing and guide selection
  • Understand how to build your rod EXACTLY the way you want it
  • Build the Best Performing Rod for specific fishing applications

The rod building class gives you the basics to build on for years to come and the only limit for developing your skills and creativity… is your own imagination!

Take a rod building class and see what you can learn…

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