DIY Glove Box Fishing Rod

Bring everything you need to stop and catch that big fish with this handy, compact DIY glove box fishing rod. Don’t miss the video tutorial at the bottom!

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5 Steps to Build this Fun Custom Fishing Hack

The glove box fishing rod is as easy to build as it is fun to fish, follow these steps to build your own and stay tuned to see what it can catch.

1. Gather Tools and Materials

To build the Glove Box Fishing Rod, you need:

And for tools, you will use:

2. Measure and Mark Components

3. Cut and Fit Rod Components

4. Fasten Rope and Fishing Line

5. Fill Rod Tube with Fishing Tackle

Watch Video Tutorial for DIY Glove Box Fishing Rod

Check out this step by step video and see what a DIY glove box rod can catch!

Custom Rod Building is a craft with infinite possibilities, see what you can build at Mud Hole!