DIY Custom Handle Kits for Rod Building

See all the new and exciting options in our innovative handle kits available to customize your casting, spinning, saltwater, and even fly rod handles!

Build a Fishing Rod Handle Your Way

In order to build a handle with the comfort you want and the performance you need, we’ve assembled these custom handle kits to help you build the handle you really want for any fishing application.

Don’t settle on grips, reel seats, or anything… Customize your own DIY fishing rod handle with us at Mud Hole!

Handles for Casting, Spinning, Saltwater, Fly, and Ice Rods!

Choose Your Casting or Spinning Rod Handles

For freshwater casting or spinning handles, there is an awesome array of grip materials and colors, as well as reel seat options available to you.

Simply select your favorite grip material from the largest selection on the market, then choose your custom grip options like color for Winn grips, or length for any grips you like. Finally, pair it with the reel seat that catches your eye and you have all the components bundled in one kit to build your new go-to fishing rod handle!

Check out our Casting and Spinning Handles below:

Winn Split-Grip Handle Kits

Winn engineers excellent grips that outlast your days on the water. Plus with plenty of colors in solid and camo variations, you can use Winn fishing grips to upgrade your handle’s performance and appearance.

Casting Winndry Handles 

Winndry 2-Tone Split-Grip Casting

Winndry Solid Color Split-Grip Casting

Spinning Winndry Handles

Winndry 2-Tone Split-Grip Spinning

Winndry Solid Color Split-Grip Spinning

MHX Winndry Split-Grip Handle Kits

These MHX Winn Grips feature Winn’s patented WinnDry polymer material along with the highest level of performance, comfort, and style possible. Providing a tacky, non-slip texture that thrives in all weather conditions, MHX Winn Grips outperform all other concepts on the market.

MHX Winndry Split-Grip Casting

Cork Grip Handle Kits

From full and split-grip setups to various length options and style variations like 2-tone, these casting handles balance performance with the classic feel and comfort that cork brings to fishing.

Casting Cork Handles

Spinning Cork Handles 

EVA Grip Handle Kits

EVA fishing grips are lightweight, yet firm and durable to provide a surefire feel that is as comfortable as it is reactive. Start with full or split-grips then move on to choose the right length and customize each component to fit your next rod build.

EVA Casting Handles

EVA Spinning Handles 

CFX Carbon Fiber Grip Handle Kits

Ultra-lightweight, yet firm and packed with vibration enhancing performance, carbon fiber fishing grips have become an innovative option for custom handles.

Known for its feather-light feel, carbon fiber grips bring serious performance, while the woven aesthetic looks sharp on any custom fishing rod.

Carbon Fiber Casting Handles

CFX Carbon Fiber Split-Grip Casting

Carbon Fiber Spinning Handles

CFX Carbon Fiber Full-Grip Spinning

Spotlight: Ultralight Freshwater Spinning Handles

Designed for the heightened feel of an ultralight rod, this category brings a full range of grip options that will build a high-performance handle for your fishing application.

Grab full or split-grips, and pick from carbon fiber, Winn, cork, and EVA, and then customize each choice even further with length and color options.

Customize Your Go-to Fishing Rod Handles Here

These custom handles are chosen by you and for you, to keep you fishing at peak performance and comfort on any freshwater, anytime.

Confidence in handling fish is just as important as hooking them, so check out these sweet handle kits in casting or spinning now!

Assemble Your Custom Saltwater Handles

Whether you’re looking for a stand-up rod or chair rod, aluminum or slick butts, these custom saltwater handle kits provide all the options that deep sea anglers are looking for… in streamlined kits!

Each saltwater handle kit allows you to customize the perfect handle setup for your specific fishing application.

Saltwater Handle Kit Options:

Nearshore Saltwater Handle Kits

EVA Tri-Edge Nearshore

Aluminum Butt Saltwater Handle Kits

Adjusta-Butt Saltwater Handle Kits

Build Your Custom Fly Fishing Handle

From trout fishing in streams and rivers, to tackling redfish in lagoons and jumping tarpon out deep, this category of custom fly fishing handles allows you to control your handle components to build the best fit.

Choose the grips you like – the reel seat you want and build the fly rod handle you trust to catch your trophy fish!

Check out these fly fishing handle kits below:

Cork Fly Rod Handle Kit

Winn Grips Fly Rod Handle Kit

Winndry Half Wells Fly

CFX Carbon Fiber Fly Rod Handle Kit

CFX Carbon Fiber Full Well Fly

Grab a Custom Ice Fishing Rod Handle

Looking for an easy way to build your ice rod’s handle assembly and see what it will look like – before you buy it?

Well, now you can! Check out these customizable ice rod handle kits – there is a kit for any application and rod length.

Which one will be perfect for your next build?

Ice Rod Handle Options:

Custom Handles Built by YOU for YOU

To get the most out of your time fishing, build the handle that will enhance your fishing feel and efficiency.

Follow the link below to learn more about out all the custom handle kits available at Mud Hole!