The Custom Thread Wrap Gallery You Have to See

This image gallery shows there is no limit to custom threadwork and for that matter, there is no limit in custom rod building.

Decorative Threadwork Meets Pop Culture’s Icons

From America’s favorite animated father figure and the king of rock ‘n’ roll, to even the good, the bad, AND the ugly, these multi layered thread wraps tackle some of pop culture’s biggest names.

Check out this Gallery of Incredible Thread Wraps:

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ProWrap Rod Building Thread

Although every rod builder isn’t looking to depict their favorite pop culture figure in thread, they are looking for a trustworthy rod winding thread that will add the perfect pop of color.

ProWrap thread not only has a very strong tensile strength, it also comes in a wide variety of colors, and can be used for traditional guide wrapping applications, as well as modern decorative techniques.

In development for over a year and rigorously tested by rod builders, ProWrap thread is available in 139 colors in Nylon, Color Fast, Metallic, Twist and Braid.

Thread is also available in three familiar spool sizes – 1oz, 4oz, and the 100yd. snap spools which work perfectly on power wrappers.

Color Fast Thread

ProWrap Color Fast Nylon thread features the same strong tensile strength as the Regular Nylon, but it is pre-treated to withstand the sun’s damaging UV rays without the need for a Color Preserver.

Color Fast thread has inherently less bleed through, so it is a great choice for wraps that rod builders want to stay true to the original color even after epoxy.

No color preserver required! Available in thread sizes A and D.

Consider ProWrap Color Fast for your next build.

Nylon Thread

ProWrap Nylon thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors that have been pressure dyed for color consistency.

The New Standard in Thread Wrap. In development for over a year and rigorously tested by rod builders, ProWrap™ thread is available in 80 colors in both Nylon and Color Fast – in three familiar spool sizes – 100yd, 1oz. and 4oz.

TIP: The 100yd snap spools work perfectly on power wrappers.

Metallic Thread

ProWrap Metallic threads are typically used for trim bands, butt wraps, and under wraps, and come in 39 lustrous metallic colors! ProWrap Metallic thread features strong tensile strength and pressure dyed for color consistency.

Available in thread sizes A and D.

ProWrap Metallic does not need a color preserver, and may not be the best choice for guide wrapping applications.

TIP: Use Nylon or Color Fast if you can for wrapping guides, and the Metallics for accents and decorative applications.

Metallic Braid

Metallic braids are highly reflective and ideal for decorative butt wraps. With a flat and wide profile, it certainly eliminates the time consuming task of wrapping with a single thread.

The ProWrap Braid is 1/16″ (.0625″) in diameter, is available in 7 solid colors and 9 multi-color combinations.

Braids are sold in 10 and 65 yards packages.

Metallic VersaBlend Thread

ProWrap VersaBlend Metallic threads offer rod builders a truly unique and one-of-a-kind wrapping option. You can create unique patterns by simply applying varying tension to the thread while wrapping your rod!

This thread is perfect for decorative applications like under wraps, trim bands and overwraps.

It is offered in 100 yd. spools (size A), and is available in 9 different blends.

Metallic Twist

ProWrap Metallic Twist Rod Building Thread. Threads are available in 10 colors.

ProWrap Metallic Twist thread is a unique blend of traditional Nylon thread with a Metallic twist to lend a distinctive brilliance to custom rods. Strong tensile strength and bright colors are pressure dyed for color consistency.

TIP: The 100 yd spools work perfectly on power wrappers.

Tiger Thread

ProWrap’s new Tiger Thread provides a “fierce” new option for rod builders.

This thread is a nylon twist available in 7 different color options. Use it as an overwrap, underwrap or even a single band inlay and your rod will be “king of the jungle”! 85 yard spool.

TIP: Color preserver is recommended for Tiger Thread.

Fusion Variegated Thread

ProProducts introduces ProWrap’s Fusion Variegated Threads as the latest addition to their popular line of premium rod building threads. ProWrap’s Fusion Variegated Threads come in four color selections: red fusion, blue fusion, purple fusion, and black/gray fusion.

Since variegated means exhibiting various colors, these threads have darker and lighter tones infused in streaks throughout the thread to create an awesome and unique look on all rod wraps.

From bold under-wraps and bright decoration to double foot guide wraps and primary thread wraps, ProWrap’s Fusion Variegated Threads are available in Size B 100 yd. spools and color treated to maintain their brilliant look regardless of application.

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