Custom Rods & MHX Blanks Are Key To Pro Angler John Cox’s 2016 Tour

Mud Hole Custom Tackle’s Pro FLW Bass angler, John Cox, had a solid 12th place finish in the first FLW event of the year held at Lake Okeechobee.

We recently spent a day on the water with John, and got the low-down on his recipe for success. Hint: It involves fishing the custom MHX rods he builds himself!

(Full video below)

From John:

Hey guys, John Cox here. I just got back from Lake Okeechobee where I finished 12th place. We had crazy conditions; water was really high and we had lots of wind. Of course, we found our fish on the other side of the lake about 35 miles from take off.

We had to cross the lake in 5 footers, but luckily I had this new PT20 Crestliner with the Mercury 200 PRO XS. It handled great across some five and six footers for more than 30 minutes while going across the lake. I think I was the only boat that went straight across.

When I got across the lake, I was fishing a lot of boat lanes. Everyone else was idling through, while I just sat back throwing this top water on the MHX Elite Pro Series 86 Medium Heavy. I was just kind of chuckin’ this down in the lanes, and catching fish the first day.

On the second day we had 25 mph winds out of the complete opposite direction and you could not throw anything. I was scrambling, and I was like “you know what, you need to get paid. Do what you feel comfortable doing and you know you’ll get 5 bites.”

That’s when I picked up my MHX FP937 with a 1oz weight and 65lb braid. I went and found the thickest stuff I could and started dropping my bait through it. I got 5 bites all day and finished 12th. It was a good start to the season, and I am really excited the next one. It’ll be on Lake Hartwell. Stay tuned and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I will see you guys soon!

-John Cox

MHX Rod Blanks He Used

MHX Elite Pro Blank EPS86MHF – 7’2″ | 10-20 lb. | 5/16 – 13/16 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power | 1 Piece | 4.0 Tip | 0.51 Butt | Satin Black Finish

MHX Flippin’ Rod Blank – 7’9″ | 20-40 lb. | 1 – 2 1/2 oz. | Fast Action | 2X Heavy Power | 1 Piece | 6.5 Tip | 0.6 Butt | Slate Finish

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