Custom Kits and Rod Building Resources

Mud Hole’s Facebook Live moves to a new night with new knowledge, but don’t worry, we’re always covering the latest and greatest in rod building. From custom kit options to the rod building resources and assistance, don’t miss all this and more on Mud Hole’s newest edition of Facebook Live.

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Custom Rod Building and Complete Kits

Whether you’re looking for a daily craft or a weekend hobby, custom rod building is the best way to improve your fishing equipment, performance, and experience. Mud Hole is the #1 resource for rod building and with an experienced staff to match, anglers get the right products and the best assistance for all their fishing needs.

Now custom rod building isn’t quite like engineering a rocket, but it also isn’t a craft to just cast off. Rod builders, who stay patient, organized, and methodical, not only learn more about rod building, but also gain key insight to dramatically improve their fishing experience. Whether dialing in fishing gear for an application or a specific technique, anglers often improve both their fishing knowledge and performance after carefully configuring their custom fishing rods.

Likewise, Mud Hole has expertly simplified the selection process in rod building by introducing and organizing complete, custom rod building kits. With enough options to make your headspin, this edition of Facebook Live covers everything you need to know about Mud Hole’s many amazing kits, including unboxing an identical Custom Turnkey Rod Building Kit.

Custom Turnkey Rod Building Kits

Innovative yet easily understood, Mud Hole’s Custom Turnkey Kits revolutionized the world of rod building. Simplifying the process while maintaining the custom format, Turnkey Kits allow you to select each fishing rod component until it’s complete, and even including the supplies, so you can start building your first rod immediately.

Removing the added time of purchasing each custom components separately, Turnkey Kits help you:
• Choose a rod blank
• Select component colors
• Customize your handle material and grip style


These turnkey rod building kits literally include everything you need to build your own custom fishing rod. From the rod blank, to the components and supplies, everything is bundled up in one convenient kit. Just choose which rod building kit fits your application, and you will be building your custom fishing rod in no time!

Multi-Option Rod Building Kits

Similar to Turnkey Kits, these amazing MHX and CRB Multi-Option Kits are completely customizable, so you actually configure the custom rod as you order the kit. You can even choose kits based on fishing applications such as freshwater, saltwater, inshore, fly, or even ice fishing.

Streamlining the rod building process, you can now customize your kit by:
• Choosing your rod blank
• Deciding on your guide style and color
• Selecting both your handle material and grip styles


Each of these components are then perfectly sized and matched for your custom rod kit. A fun and easy way to maximize your fishing performance, Multi-Option Kits are great for getting the job done in whatever application you desire.

Pro Tour Rod Building Kits

Or do you want to step up your game and fish with the same custom rods our Mud Hole and MHX professional fisherman use on the Bassmaster and FLW tours? Then, these Pro Tour Rod Building Kits and their ultimate performance are perfect for you!


From Pro Tour Turnkey Kits that include all the parts, tools and equipment you need, to individual Pro Tour Rod kits where all the custom components come sized and designed for you—these awesome Pro Tour Rod Kits are identical to what Pro Anglers John Cox, Brandon Lester, Bradley Roy, and Blake Smith use while competing on Tour.

Start-Up Supply & Tool Kits

The Start-Up Supply Kits are great regardless of rod building experience. For newer rod builders, these supply kits shorten the learning curve with exactly what supplies rod building demands. While for more experienced builders, you don’t need to worry about forgetting something or having to place another order because it’s all bundled up for you.


Accordingly, many of these Start-Up Supply Kits are priced as an incentive to buy kits rather than hassling with multiple individual orders. From general rod building supplies to specialized epoxy kits, Start-Up Supply Kits are a great place to begin or continue rod building.

Mud Hole’s Start-Up Tool Kits are great for both new and experienced rod builders alike. For new rod builders, these assorted tool kits shorten the learning curve on what tools you will require to complete a custom fishing rod. On the other hand, experienced builders don’t have to worry about forgetting anything and having to place an additional order.

Whether in the market for general rod building tools to get started or more particular tool kits for advancing your craft, these Start-Up Tool Kits are your one stop shop for every tool you need.

Custom Component Kits

Mud Hole also offers a wide variety of rod building component kits including Guide Set Kits, Rod Repair Kits, Handle Kits and even Gaff & Gigging Kits. All these kits were thoughtfully designed and developed to make rod building projects easier, while maintaining the various selections that make custom rod building personal to you.

Many rod builders want to purchase guides in sets rather than individually, and with Mud Hole’s wide selection of Guide Set Kits, you can get exactly what you need. From surf, freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing applications, to top name brands like American Tackle, Fuji, CRB, and Pacific Bay, these complete Guide Sets make organization easier than ever!

Whether you are a custom rod builder or not quite there yet, every angler encounters missing tip tops, running guides, and even handle failures. These mishaps require urgent care, and Mud Hole is here to help. Browse around and shop our wide variety of Rod Repair Kits. You will be amazed how easily you can do rod repairs yourself!

If you want to build a traditional fishing rod, or push the limits with something more cutting edge, our pre-configured rod handle kits are always a great option. Our wide selection of handle sets like surf, freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing applications, feature top name brands such as Fuji, CRB, and Winn, so you can easily build or fix a handle you trust to perform.

Mud Hole even sells rod building thread kits that come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, to provide great value when buying in bulk! From nylon and color treated guide wraps, to decorative thread for trim wraps and accents, there are many kits waiting for you!

The point is, if you need anything related to rod building check out Mud Hole, and don’t forget to tune in to Facebook Live for instant access to some of our best resources!