CRB All In One Rod Building Supply Kit

CRB All In One Rod Building Supply Kit

This kit has every tool, supply, and instructional material you’ll need to get started in custom fishing rod building and rod repairing.  Start building rods today and see why top pro anglers are raving about custom rod building!

If you are thinking about starting a a part time or full time rod building business, this kit will provide everything you will need to start.

The CRB All In One Supply Kit Includes:

  • HWS-1 Professional Hand Rod Wrapper
  • CRB 9 RPM Drying Motor with Rod Support
  • Book – Rod-Building Guide
  • DVD – Mud Hole “Rod Building 101”
  • 24ml ProKöte Medium Build Rod Finish
  • 2oz. ProPaste Epoxy
  • Tip-Top Adhesive Stick
  • Small Razorwand
  • Thread and Line Clippers
  • Thread Burnishing Tool
  • Thread Pick
  • Alcohol Burner
  • 100 Razor Blades
  • China Marker (White)
  • 5 Spools of ProWrap Thread
  • 4 Finishing Brushes
  • 4 Mixing Cups
  • 4 Mixing Sticks

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Now that you have all the supplies and equipment you need to build a rod, all you need to do is choose from one of our 500+ rod building kits.

How easy is that – choose one part number for your supplies – and one part number for your rod kit – and you have everything you need to build a fishing rod!

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