Color Matching Guide for CRB & ProWrap Thread

Looking to match your favorite CRB Color Series components to ProWrap Thread colors? We can help – Read this blog!

How to Match CRB Color Series with ProWrap

CRB is wildly popular for bringing quality components with great value to the custom rod building community. From 14 models of rod blanks in 12 colors, to matching casting and spinning reel seats, CRB’s Color Series helps builders put together custom fishing rods in fun, exciting color options!

Likewise, ProWrap Thread is recognized as a superior rod winding thread with an incredibly wide variety of pressure-dyed colors.

But sometimes matching colors isn’t easy online, and we understand… That’s why we’ve color matched these excellent rod building options to make shopping for your next rod recipe fast and easy!

Check out the CRB Color Series X ProWrap Thread Color Chart:

See Why Rod Builders Choose ProWrap Thread!

Rigorously tested by rod builders, ProWrap thread is available in over 80 colors (both Nylon and Color Fast), and comes in three familiar spool sizes (100yd, 1oz. and 4oz.).

The 100yd snap spools work perfectly on power wrappers, hand wrappers, and more!