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Revisit all the fun from our rod building class in Houston, Texas with this photo gallery.

Mud Hole Rod Building Class Schedule:

On day 1, you get an intro to rod building that explains all the basics.

From spining the rod blank and selecting the right components, to reaming the grips, placing and wrapping the guides, applying the epoxy finish, day 1 is the perfect launching point for future rod builders.

Plus, you get to build your very own fishing rod right then and there!

To start day 2, the class instructors will answer any lingering questions from leftover from day 1 and then kick off day 2 with some advanced skills demonstrations.

Going beyond the basics, these demos can be anything from marbling and basic weaving to customizing inlays and cork handles.

Speaking from experience, these classes are excellent because the hands on instruction truly minimizes the learning curve for beginners who are looking to build their first rod, and many, many more.

See what some class alums had to say about their experience in the comments of the post below:

Photos from Houston’s Rod Building Class

Think you could build a custom fishing rod in just a weekend?

Well with the help of our experts and industry professionals, anyone can and here’s proof!

Regardless of age or attention span, Mud Hole’s rod building classes are the best way to get the knowledge, tools, and supplies to start building your own fishing rods.

Plus once you complete the class, you leave with a finished custom rod and your certified custom rod building diploma!

Why Take Our Custom Rod Building Course?

The short answer is to build your own custom fishing rod, but honestly, you’ll get so much more out of the class.

For example, the rod building class gives you a firsthand look at how and why rods are constructed the way they are. This provides the insight you need to understand why your go-to rod is your favorite, and how you can duplicate or improve upon that particular design and set up.

More reasons to enroll in our rod building class:

  • See how and why to spine your blank
  • Learn proper guide spacing and guide selection
  • Understand how to build your rod EXACTLY the way you want it
  • Build the Best Performing Rod for specific fishing applications

Learn more about our classes here: FAQ for Custom Rod Building Classes

The rod building class gives you the basic building blocks of the craft, so that you can return home with everything you need to create amazing custom fishing rods.

The only limit… is YOUR imagination!

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