CCA Florida & Mud Hole Launch Release the East

CCA Florida and Mud Hole Custom Tackle launch the “Release the East” redfish initiative as a collaboration to restock the beloved species on the East Coast of Florida for the first time ever.

As supporters of anglers worldwide, Mud Hole sincerely cares about our customers and likewise, we sincerely care about the fisheries we all call home. Our local waters are always in need of help and in effort to do our part, we are working with those on the frontlines, namely Coastal Conservation Association.

The Super Fishy Team up to Benefit Redfish Populations

“Mud Hole got involved with the CCA about 10 years ago,” and “recently, we sat down with them and talked to them about what else Mud Hole could do to help them and help anglers in general,” Scott Gimbert, Vice President of Mud Hole Custom Tackle, recalls.

That’s where we came up with the redfish initiative and now, we’re taking the lead alongside CCA to do what we can to produce and stock redfish in the Indian River.

“The more anglers that are on the water that are harvesting fish, that all adds up and that just adds to pressure on the waters and to all of our different fisheries,” reasons Brian Gorski of CCA Florida.

This team-up of extra fishy proportions means expanding our efforts to habitats like this that are in dire need of help.

“Our goals with the CCA and our initiative with the CCA, we both have the same idea. We’re out here helping anglers,” Scott said before explaining further, “We provide products to them to be able to be productive on the water. In order to be productive on the water, there has to be a conservation side of things and that’s where CCA comes into play. They do a great job on the conservation side, making sure the fisheries are still there for many years to come so that the avid angler can go out there and catch the fish of a lifetime.”

Release the East is a massive restocking effort born from the concern of CCA and CCA’s devoted members that redfish numbers are seeing a steady decline. A sportfishing favorite, we were devastated to learn about the declines of redfish numbers and wanted to lend a hand to help.

Any new initiative takes funding, and that fundraising is where we come in.

The biggest step in getting started was getting some funding in to purchase the equipment that such a massive redfish restocking effort requires. The tanks, the regulators, the filters and so forth, as well as additional transport trailer and quarantine tanks are all integral to successfully restocking East Coast redfish populations.

“Mud Hole Custom Tackle stepped up with a very large, generous donation and we can’t thank them enough for everything that they do,” Brian Gorski of CCA FL goes on to say, “It’s not only with Release the East, but they also help us on the banquet side, they get our koozies made for us and produced, our hats, T-shirts, they’ve wrapped our box truck for us, any kind of signage—You just name it.”

Our partnership with the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida answers the call to bring countless critical resources to the restoration and conservation efforts in our beloved fisheries.

“The [Release the East] idea has evolved into what it is today basically because of the Duke Energy Mariculture Center, CCA, and Mud Hole Custom Tackle.” Brian says with a grateful smile.

“The relationship has grown over the last ten years or so, and it’s just gotten better and better and better,” Scott conclusively states, “I support what CCA does, they’ve shown that they care. All the employees and all the people that donate their time to the different aspects of the CCA, it’s been wonderful to work with them.”

Watch Release the East with CCA FL