John Cox Talks Custom Rod Building and Repair

Coming off his championship at the Forrest Wood Cup, John Cox recalls how custom rod building and repair changed his fishing, his season, and ultimately, his life. Top 3 Takeaways From John Cox Ready for the next FLW Tour, John Cox is…

John Cox Finds the Custom Confidence

John Cox and custom rod building are inseparable. Like the big bang, custom rod building brought life back to his inconsistent fishing career and now, Cox is the FLW custom angler to beat. Top 3 Takeaways from John Cox Marrying his sight…

Custom Fishing with John Cox, Friends, and Family

As John Cox cast his career towards professional fishing, his experience of fishing with friends and family shaped his future determination. Transitioning from Florida’s bass fishing to catching bass across the nation, John Cox forged his…
Hook Kids On Fishing Got A New Trailer

Hook Kids On Fishing Got A New Trailer!

Mud Hole is a proud sponsor ATC's Hook Kids On Fishing' initiative, and recently designed - installed their new trailer wrap. Read about them in our blog!
Mud Hole Sponsors UCF Reel Knight Chapter of CAA

Mud Hole Sponsors UCF Reel Knight Chapter of CAA

Mud Hole is proud to be a major sponsor for the new UCF Knights Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA).
Building Rod At Oviedo High School

Building Rods At Oviedo High School

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