Catch More Walleye With This Custom Rod

Use this rod recipe to make hooking up on walleye as easy as it is fun!

Build the Best Jig & Bottom-Bouncer Rod Around

Whether you fish a jig rap, bottom bouncer or other popular walleye lures, this custom rod puts performance right in the palm of your hand.

Walleye Rod Recipe Components:

Rod Blank: MHX Spin Jig Rod Blank—SJ812-MHX

Reel Seat: CRB Premium Graphite Spinning Reel Seats—GSRS-17-B

Rear Grip: 8” Straight Rear Grip with Single Tenon, Super Grade Cork—RG-8S-250

Foregrip: 2” Tapered Foregrip, Super Grade Cork—FGT-2.0-250

Winding Check: Rubber/Vinyl Winding Check—BWC-375, 450, 520

Guides: CRB Elite Spinning Rod Guides—3GKSB-2

Tip Top: CRB Spin Top—Model LT—EBLT-5-5

…Or grab the MHX Ultimate Spin Jig Rod Kit for all of the above!

Step 1: The Rod Blank

MHX SJ812 Spin Jig Rod Blank

  • Length: 6’9”
  • Line: 6-12 lb.
  • Lure: 1/8-1/2 oz.
  • Power: Medium-Light
  • Action: Fast Action
  • Finish: Slate

With the right rod blank, let’s get to building…

Step 2: Attach Cork Rear Grip and Butt Cap

Ream the cork rear grip to slide down the rod blank over the butt end and use the butt cap to fit over the rear grip’s exposed tenon.

Step 3: Mount Reel Seat and Foregrip

After the rear grip, add arbors and mount the reel seat over the arbor.

Follow up the reel seat by gluing on the foregrip.

Step 4: Slide Winding Check in Place

Winding checks help clean up the transition from grip to rod blank, so slide the winding check on after the foregrip.

Step 5: Wrap Guides and Finish Wraps

Luckily, CRB Spinning Guide Kits come with general spacing based on the length of your rod. With spacing provided, lay out your guides along the blank.

After the guides are aligned, attach each one with rod winding thread along the rod blank. Once your wraps are done, chuck your rod up in a rod dryer, and begin mixing up your epoxy.

Thread Example: ProWrap ColorFast Thread—CFS-A-862 & ProWrap Nylon ThreadRN-A-337

Apply epoxy finish over each wrap as the rod spins and then leave it to cure for a full 24 hours.

Note: Check on the rod as it cures for the first few hours to make sure wraps are covered in epoxy and drying smoothly.

Build Your Own Walleye Rod!

From the performance driven MHX spin jig blank down to the custom rod components, this rod is engineered for catching walleye and this kit makes it easier than ever.

Start building your new favorite walleye rod now!