Building The Handle On A Fishing Rod Blank

Building The Handle On A Fishing Rod Blank

Rod Handle Options

Fishing rod handles are one of the most customizable components in custom rod building.  Rod handles can be built for lightness, durability, ease of use, and even for specific applications.

Handles made from cork and EVA foam are extremely popular due to price, durability, and ease of use when building a custom fishing rod.

(Video tutorials are included below).

Building A Cork Rod Handle

This is the portion of the rod that you can customize the most.

Begin by reaming the inside diameter of the rear cork grip to fit the blank.  The best way to accomplish this is with a razor wand or Extreme Reamer.

Be careful not to ream out too much.  Ideally, the cork should fit snuggly over the blank.

Once you achieve a snug inside diameter, apply epoxy glue to the rod blank and slide the grip down the blank and into position you need to leave a half inch of blank exposed to install the butt cap.

Building A EVA Foam Rod Handle

Slide the grip down the blank to the binding point, where the grip first meets resistance and must stretch to proceed further down.  Mark the blank about 8 to 10 inches above were the grip began to bind.

Apply the epoxy glue from the mark you made all the way to the butt of the blank.  The glue will also act as a lubricant.

Slide the grip down over the glue and push the grip down into position.  If you need some leverage, try placing the blank’s butt end on the floor, and stand over the blank while pushing down.

Push the grip down until there is only 1/2 inch of blank still exposed, as the butt cap will mount there.  Clean up excess glue off of the blank, (91% rubbing alcohol works best).

Butt Cap Installation

Most likely, the butt cap you will be using will have a larger inside diameter than the blank has outside diameter.

If this is the case, use the masking tape and wrap the tape around the blank building an arbor.  Make the arbor large enough for the butt cap to slide over it with little pressure.

Using the same glue, apply to the inside of the butt cap.  Slide the butt cap over your arbor, rotating the butt cap 360° to insure a good bond.

Videos For Building The Rod Handle

Cork Handle Video

EVA Foam Handle Video

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