How to Build a Custom Fishing Gaff

Building a custom gaff is fast and simple, yet the benefits on the water are unbeatable. Find out how to build a custom gaff for your next fishing trip in the blog below.

Rod Building’s 9 Step Guide for a Custom Gaff

Mud Hole is all about custom rod building, but did you know we also offer all the components and supplies you need to assemble your own high-quality custom gaffs?

With gaff handles designed specifically for building your own performance driven gaff, Mud Hole isn’t just throwing out any old rod blank to stick a hook on. Rather, we engineered a heavy walled handle featuring spiral cut grooves inside the front end to give you a superior hold on the hook.

When it comes to custom gaff’s that finish the catch, Mud Hole isn’t messing around and neither should you.

Follow these 9 steps to build your own high-performance custom gaff:

1. Mark and Align Handle Components

You need to locate where your EVA handles will be mounted on your gaff blank. It’s best to hold the gaff blank as if you were gaffing a fish and then mark the location of your hands using a china marker. This is where you will mount the EVA grips.

2. Arbor Up Your Gaff Blank

Using masking tape build up an arbor on the blank so that the butt cap fits snugly. Then apply a 2‐part paste epoxy, like ProPaste, to the ID of the butt cap. When installing the butt cap make sure to rotate the butt cap to ensure proper adhesion. Remove any excess epoxy using rubbing alcohol.

3. Apply Epoxy and Mount Gaff’s Grips

Using the reference marks from step one, apply epoxy to the blank in between the marks and slightly above the marks, then slide the EVA foam grip down into place. The epoxy will act as a lubricant helping to slide the grip into place.

To remove any excess epoxy, just use rubbing alcohol. Repeat this step for the second grip.

4. Prepare Blank for Gaff Hook

Before installing the hook, take a piece of paper or paper towel and jam it into the blank. This paper plug will prevent the epoxy from flowing down the ID of the blank.

Using the same epoxy paste apply the epoxy to the ID of the gaff. Using a Popsicle stick or tooth pick try and push the epoxy into the blank.

5. Install the Gaff Hook

Now begin to install the gaff hook, rotating the hook as you slide it into place.

Apply epoxy to the shaft of the blank and continue to install the hook.

6. Build Epoxy Ramp Between Hook and Blank

Using the epoxy paste build up a ramp of epoxy from the shaft of the hook to the blank (this will ensure no water penetration into the blank and also help when wrapping thread from the shaft to the blank.


7. Wrap Thread from Gaff Hook onto Blank

Once the epoxy has cured, begin to wrap from the shaft of the hook up onto the blank with thread (run thread at least half the length of the shaft) this helps to strengthen the blank.

ProWrap Winding Thread is easy to wrap with and gets the sleek, professional appearance rod builders want.

Catch more ProWrap Thread options to find what works for you!

8. Add Custom Thread Wraps Between Grips

You can also wrap thread in between the grips to make your gaff custom.

9. Finish Wraps with Clear Epoxy

Once you are finished wrapping, apply a 2 part clear rod epoxy to the wraps to seal the threads.

For instance, ProKote Rod Building Thread Finish is designed by rod builders for rod builders and produces crystal-clear wraps every time.

Check out this Custom MHX Gaff:

See this MHX Gaff and more from Professional Custom Rods:

At Mud Hole, all Gaff Handles are available in 5’6” lengths to allow you to build a 6’ completed gaff or cut the handle to any desired length to make it perfect for the application you need.

We have supplied a chart with each handle and the outside dimensions to enable you to order the specific handle material to fit after you have trimmed it to your desired length.

Along with offering you each of the necessary parts to design your own Custom Gaff, Mud Hole has also setup five Gaff Kits with all of the gaff components included, just add ProGlü epoxy to install the hook into the handle and some decorative ProWrap Thread for your own custom look.

Build your own Custom Gaff now!