Why Build Beyond the Limits of Factory Rods?

If you’re wondering, why in the world would I build a custom fishing rod?

Well, shopping through seas of the same factory rods only leads to settling for what seems good enough. But in custom rod building, you have all the options and control to build past the limitations of factory rods and assemble an optimized rod engineered for your fishing.

Rod Building results in many performance benefits, such as equipping you with a stronger, more sensitive rod at a fraction of the weight. Plus with color choices and custom options, you not only improve the rod’s performance, but you build it with pride.

4 Reasons Rod Building is Right for You

Just imagine the pride of catching fish on a rod you built, it’s a feeling no fisherman will ever forget to say the least. By marrying your desired performance specs and style to actual components, it’s easy… you dream it, you find it, and you build it!

1. Look at All the Options

Rod builders and avid anglers alike demand a large inventory of components at their disposal to assemble the custom rod that works best in their fishing application.

Ranging from popular rod blanks, guides, grips, and reel seats, to all the latest and greatest choices in color, style, and material, it takes a serious number of options to support the rod requirements of anglers fishing across the globe.

The available options truly set rod building apart because you never have to settle on a rod and rather, you can always build the exact fishing equipment you want and need.

2. Feel Fine-Tuned Performance

Rod building gives you a new perspective of fishing because you’re thinking beyond rod specs and into specific techniques, applications, and species you’re targeting.

There is no better way to dial-in the performance than building a fishing rod to the specifications necessary for your application or fishery. When you know your waters, target fish, and technique, fine tuning your custom rod’s performance is the last step to maximize strikes and land more fish.

Building a rod with comfort, control, sensitivity, and weight in mind, is the easiest way to guarantee the ultimate performance on the water.

3. Enjoy Personalizing the Rod

The custom in rod building comes from the ability to not only customize the performance for application specific fishing, but also to personalize the rod’s finished appearance and feel. If you’re looking for a specific grip, a certain decal, or a way to maximize your comfort on the water, rod building gives you the power to personalize your fishing rod to do just that.

So for this point, whether you want to build a basic rod for comfort or let your imagination run wild with components and colors, the reason for custom rod building is to forget factory limitations and instead, assemble your dream fishing rod.

4. Easy to Get Started

With the help of streamlined kits, custom rod building is no longer as demanding and rather, has grown to become easier and more affordable than ever. Backed with a list of learning materials and rod building resources, you will have all the answers before you even know what questions to ask.

Innovative in design yet extremely user-friendly, Mud Hole’s Custom Turnkey Kits have revolutionized the world of rod building industry and changed the perception of kits in fishing forever.

By simplifying the process while maintaining the custom format, Turnkey Kits allow you to choose each component until the fishing rod is complete. These turnkey rod building kits include all the equipment and resources you need to build your very own custom fishing rod.

From the rod blank, to the custom components and building supplies, everything is bundled in one convenient package!

Or if you’ve built rods before, then it is now more user-friendly than ever with MHX Multi-Option Rod Kits. These kits feature the performance driven design of MHX rod blanks and all the custom components to build the rod you’ve always wanted.

You can even choose kits based on fishing applications: freshwater, saltwater, inshore, fly, or even ice fishing. Plus like Turnkey Kits, these incredible Multi-Option Kits are completely customizable, so you can configure your custom fishing rod kit as you order it!

Choose your blank; selections vary for specs, length, and color.

Pick your rod components from guide style and color, to reel seat and grip options.

Assemble your ideal handle; decide style split or full, and then grab the grip from cork, EVA, carbon fiber, and more…

Build your own custom rods and enhance your fishing experience!