The Best Fishing Tool for Aging Eyes & Micro Guides

Spending more time fussing with fishing line than actually fishing? Use the Fuji Line Speed Threader to make feeding even the lightest line faster and easier than ever before.

4 Reasons to Use Fuji Line Speed Threader

This little tool brings a serious list of benefits. Obviously spending more time on the water means catching more fish, but see how the Fuji Line Speed Threader can help you.

1. User-Friendly for Any Angler

The first benefit is clear, this tool is just so easy to use. Whether your eyesight isn’t the best or you just hate hassling with micro guides, this threader will help you handle fishing line anywhere, anytime.

To use the threader correctly, start by taking your line and running it through the open diamond on the back end of the threader.

Note: For a better visual demonstration, we used red thread to simulate fishing line, braid, etc.

Next, grab the thread and pull it up to synch it in place in the threader.

Now you can run line through the smallest holes with ease and trust your line will be right alongside.

2. Feed Braid into Baitcaster Reel

We’ve all been there… Up early in the morning, the tackle box is packed and the coffee brewed, but you still have to setup your baitcaster with new braid.

After it’s spooled up, the last step is feeding the braid from the spool to the line guide hole of the baitcaster. Except this hole seems to be getting smaller by the minute and your braid’s lack of memory makes it too limp and time consuming to get it through.

Instead of frustration getting your best, save your time and your temper with Fuji’s innovative Line Speed Threader.

Simply synch your braid into the threader and slide the threader’s front end through the reel’s line guide hole.

Once the threader pokes through, pinch the front and pull it through with the braid attached.

The threader allows you to quickly set up your baitcaster anywhere, anytime.

3. Slide Line Through Micro Guides

While the line guide of a baitcaster is small, it’s nothing compared to micro guides. There are times when it seems like micro guides don’t even have an eye!

In reality, micro guides do have eyes, they are just so tiny that it often complicates your fishing prep. Again, this is where the Fuji Line Speed Threader really shines.

Synch up your fishing line and micro guide by micro guide, feed the threader and line through each guide until complete.

Using the threader drastically cuts down set up time, so you can enjoy more time on the water with your micro guides.

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4. Keep One in Every Tackle box

When it comes to fishing, you need a tool like the Fuji Line Speed Threader in every tackle box.

Not only is the threader user-friendly, but it also makes handling any fishing line or braid a breeze while coming in a convenient case for a fast find in your tackle box. Stow the threader in every tackle box for fast assistance with any fishing line.

Simplifying tedious tasks and expediting fishing prep, the Fuji Line Speed Threader is a little tool with huge benefits for any angler!