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Mud Hole Team Unites At Bobby Lane Cup

Located at Camp Mack River Resort on Lake Kissimmee, the 6th Annual Bobby Lane Cup brought some of fishing’s favorite pro faces together with young anglers for a day of fun, family, and of course, fishing. Check out our gallery to catch all the past weekend’s fishing fun!

Fish with the Freedom of Fuji’s SK2 Reel Seat

The ideal option for minimalist fisherman, Fuji’s SK2 Reel Seat brings one of the most sensitive, lightweight, and versatile reel seats on the market. The skeleton seat construction gives rod builders the ultimate freedom to customize and personalize their handle assembly.

Marbling’s Mark on Custom Rod Building

Besides providing the optimal performance, custom fishing rods are also championed for their aesthetic appeal and marbling is one of the most popular enhancements on the market. When it comes to aesthetic excellence and originality, marbling is the easiest way to take your rod from average to extraordinary.