Applying Epoxy Finish To Fishing Rod Guides

Applying Epoxy Finish To Fishing Rod Guides

Time To Finish Your Rod

Well, by now you have installed the butt cap, reel seats, handles, and all the guides are wrapped up in a perfectly straight line along the spine of your rod blank.

(Video tutorials provided below).

Applying Epoxy Finish To The Guides.

Most blends are 50/50 and if you are not extremely accurate, the epoxy will never dry.

With your rod in a rod drier turning about 6 to 15 times per minute, use a disposable brush and lightly apply epoxy to the threads.

Ideally, the epoxy should run no more than one quarter inch past each wrap and onto the blank.

This is to prevent moisture from seeping under the wraps and rusting the guide feet.

Once you have applied epoxy to all of the wraps, use the heat from an alcohol burner and run it under the wraps to eliminate any bubbles.

Do not apply flame directly to the finish as too much heat at one time can have detrimental effects like loosening the epoxy and causing it to sag.

Videos For Applying Epoxy To Rod Guides

Applying the Finish

EZ Wrapper: Epoxy Instructions

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