American Tackle’s Power Wrapper & Dryer Combo

American Tackle Power_Wrapper_Dryer_Combo

Power rod wrappers and dryers are important tools for anyone building a custom fishing rod.

The power wrapper is used to keep the rod spinning at a consistent rate so you can focus on making sure your thread wraps – with perfect tension – are making that seamless transition from the rod blank on up to the rod guide itself.

The power dryer is used to keep your rod rotating while epoxies and rod finishes cure and help create an even finish, eliminating undesired end results like sagging and drooping areas around the rod guides.

If you are new to rod building, these articles may help provide some helpful background:

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Mud Hole carries the largest selection of individual wrappers and dryers on the market, but since the wrapper and dryer both need to spin the rod blank, it makes sense to consider equipment that can serve both needs.

This article highlights American Tackle’s Power Wrapper & Dryer Combo that offers professional grade quality at a price that provides excellent value.

American Tackle – Power Wrapper/Dryer

So, why do we recommend this product?

1.  Well Known Brand

American Tackle has more than three decades building products in the tackle industry, and leads the way with innovations and improvements that every rod building angler will appreciate.  The employees are actually anglers and rod builders, so they know what customers need and expect; diversity, durability – and above all – performance.

2.  Professionally Used – Beginner Approved

Their Power wrapper/dryer combo was built for professional rod builders, while also making it easy to use for any level – including beginners.

3.  Investment Protection

When investing in a piece of equipment, isn’t it better to get all the utility in one place?  Well, this wrapper/dryer combo does it all and in the end will provide more functionality at a lower price, and you will end up with stunning custom rods.

You can use it for:

  • Turning cork & EVA grips
  • Sanding cork handles evenly
  • Power wrapping your rod guides
  • Applying & finishing epoxy on rod guides

and maybe most importantly…

4.  Future Proof

Maybe down the road you want to work with really large diameter rods.  You can buy the base unit now, and later upgrade your chuck with different sets of jaw grips that are built to accept larger O.D. blanks, so you saltwater anglers are covered!

There are also replacement parts available if needed.

Quick specs for the Wrapper/Dryer Combo

The Power Wrapper/Dryer Combo provides all the functionality you will need!

  • 3 Jaw self-centering chuck
  • Handles blanks from 1 1/2 inches diameter to fly blanks
  • Low 11 RPM Finishing and Drying motor
  • Multi-spool thread carriage with tensioner
  • Ceramic line guide blade
  • 3 fully adjustable rod stands with ball bearing wheels
  • Foot and dial-controlled wrapping motor for wrapping rods and turning handles
  • 45 degree indications on flywheel for diamond wraps
  • 2-piece sectional 8′ anodized aluminum base
  • Available in 110v for North America and 220v for worldwide use
  • Spare parts also available (but sold separately here)
Power Wrapper Dryer Thread Holder

The Power Wrapper/Dryer from American Tackle comes with a Multi-spool thread carriage with built-in tensioner for perfect guide wraps.

Parts & Assembly

When your product arrives, the combo contents will contain the following parts and assemblies:

  • Headstock/track assembly (1 pc) includes one 4’ base section with power platform, two motors, self-centering chuck and chuck support, speed control, double drive pulley, three position switch, large “O” ring drive belt, and power cord and foot control.
  • Additional 4’ aluminum base sections
  • Stainless steel connecting bars (2 pcs.) includes with mounting screws (8 pcs.) and 8mm nuts (8 pcs.)
  • Adjustable upright supports (3pcs.)
  • Thread carrier assembly (1pc.) includes carrier platform with three ball bearing rollers, thread tension device, two ceramic thread guides, two spool posts, and a magnet.
  • Complete and easy to follow assembly instructions

Upgrades & Replacements

Buy the base unit now, and later upgrade your chuck with different sets of jaw grips that are built to accept larger O.D. blanks, and replace any parts that may wear out!  (Shop Upgrades & Parts here…)

Watch The Video

Here is a brief video on the Power Wrapper/Dryer

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